Do I have to pay a taxi driver who drove a detour?

Do I have to pay a taxi driver who drove a detour?

Do I have to pay a taxi driver who drove a detour?
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Man sitting in the taxi, converses with his entourage and gets when getting a bill presented, which is much higher than expected. Or one wonders at a known distance on the chosen path and then actually have to lie down more money than usual. Do you really have to pay in such a case or can you refuse? We asked.

The taxi driver to pay for a suspected detour - I have to or can I refuse? So much at the beginning: Yes, you must pay. This may upset at first, but you are not quite delivered the arbitrariness of a taxi driver. Namely, they have the opportunity to get your money back again. And that's less expensive than you would think at first glance.

Mediated clearinghouse
For this you just have to submit "with passenger car transport industry" a complaint (about via mail) at the Tourist Office Vienna or directly from the relevant section. There it is checked who in the contentious case is right.

You must be careful
Indispensable is an invoice. This serves as the basis of the complaint. On the bill the following points must be noted:

Driver identification (the example may be the driver's initials)
Start and end point of the journey
Fare plus tax rate
Check details

This information must be noted by the driver on the bill. A tip of the Section: Check information, especially when it comes to readability, and compare the specified identifier with the actual number plate. A specific time window exists for the complaint is not, however, it is advisable to inform Office or the subject as soon as possible.

When you do not have to pay
If you already have a discussion about the driving distance during the trip and the driver was then refuses to bring to the desired address, you must pay the way, nothing. An invoice may only be made when the carriage order has been satisfied - which is not the case if you get used to. The driver must then also you do not hold in the taxi, to force them to pay. If he still does this, advises the subject to notify the police.

In summary: If you suspect that you have to detour indeed pay the bill, but the last word has the competent section. This is the advice to ask when calling the address to a use of Navis, so that such disagreements can be prevented in advance.
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