Electric boats are equipped with Deep-Blue-board

Electric boats are equipped with Deep-Blue-board

Electric boats are equipped with Deep-Blue-board
Torqeedo and Frauscher cooperate - © WWW.AREKREJS.COM
The Torqeedo GmbH equips the electric boats of the Austrian Frauscher GmbH immediately with motors. As the inboard engine concept Deep Blue comes with an input power of up to 65 kW for use - so even at the brand new Frauscher 740 Mirage Air, which was presented in July 2015.

The Frauscher shipyard, which works closely with Torqeedo in the areas of drive and battery technology since 2005, has convinced the laced by Torqeedo overall package. Developed by Torqeedo motor concept Deep Blue, is the world's only mass-produced high-voltage electric drive for boats whose security concept demonstrably corresponds to the high automotive standard. Be used only high-capacity lithium batteries that have been modified for use on the water. Torqeedo is the capacity of lithium batteries for a period of nine years. All components of the Deep Blue system are coordinated and watertight. The latest surveillance technology with pilot lines and insulation monitor ensures the high-voltage system from short circuit hazards.

For Mag. Stefan Frauscher the engine partnership with Torqeedo a logical step in terms of performance, efficiency and safety. "With our boats we serve the top segment in the boat market. And so we mount components only, uncompromising. When it comes to secure and fully integrated e-solutions on the water, there are Deep Blue by Torqeedo no alternative, "says Stefan Frauscher.

Dr. Christoph Ballin, founder and managing director of Torqeedo GmbH, explained to the cooperation with the Frauscher shipyard: "Our engine concept Deep Blue serves demanding customers who want to dispense with a powerful, high power delivery are not on security, control and comfort on the water . "

The Deep Blue Drive has an input capacity of up to 65 kW thanks to its optimum torque characteristics a propulsive power, which corresponds to a 80 horsepower petrol outboards. One by Deep Blue powered boat, unlike diesel or petrol engines produce no emissions and is therefore approved for use on many sensitive waters. The engine concept Deep Blue is available for Boatmodels Frauscher 650 Alassio, 680 Lido, 740 Mirage, Mirage 740 Air and 750 St. Tropez.
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