Fottball Player Suddenly death - Cause unclear

Fottball Player Suddenly death - Cause unclear

Fottball Player Suddenly death - Cause unclear
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Germany. Shoots two goals and collapses after another scoring chance - cause unclear. In Kaisersdorf (district Oberpullendorf) is on Friday afternoon a 21-year-old footballer suddenly collapsed during a Championship opening match and died after unsuccessful resuscitation in the hospital, told the ORF Burgenland. The player of the reserve team of ASK Kaisersdorf (1st class middle) had previously scored two goals.

The tragic incident had happened in the middle of the first half in the game against the ASK Weppersdorf. The young man is, according to the report referred to a scoring chance during the match without being touched by an opponent to be suddenly collapsed in the 16-meter room, reported goalie coach Erwin Pogats the ORF.

Resuscitation to no avail
Players and had come and tried to help him. "Then immediately the resuscitation with the arrival of the emergency physician has begun. It took an hour on the court, then he was taken to the hospital Oberpullendorf where unfortunately could not be helped," Pogats said in an interview.

Cause of death unknown
The cause of death was initially unclear, pre-existing conditions were not known. The association, among others mourned on Facebook about the deceased person. Even in the sadness was great. Both the sports club and the community is under shock. The game of the first team has been canceled.
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