Music on the water

Music on the water

Music on the water © Aquacon
Who is ready for the island, will be able to find on the Old Danube. For some time, ensure elegant island boats for a special holiday experience in the heart of Vienna. The noble islands are easy to use and designed sustainably. Recreation they offer as part of a private hire or as part of a unique concert on the waterfront.

Unique music experience right on the Old Danube
The floating concerts are the newest attraction in Vienna and are especially well received by the audience - such a concept is unique worldwide. Here is an acoustic experience is stylishly combined with a culinary, and the middle of the Old Danube. This is made possible by a sophisticated combination system where an octagonal raft serves as a floating concert hall and dock eight island Boats on the sides. Thus, the concert hall can move elegantly on the water and offer guests a unique musical experience. A suddenly occurring rain Wagramer bridge serves as a good roof over their heads, including particularly good acoustics. In August and September are several concert dates on the program, which conjure up either classical melodies auf's water or take you into the traditional world of country and western music.

Maximum comfort for young to old
Behind the design and implementation of creative new concepts boat puts the mastermind Dr. Martin Mai, a boat lovers, not only the appearance and functionality, but also the emotions are important behind. "Originally, I cuddle the boat for my girlfriend and me designed to evening to explore the starry sky. Step by step the idea has behind it then developed into a comprehensive business concept ", chats Dr. Mai of school. When designing a boat he lays great importance to small details like no other, in order to guarantee maximum comfort. "Young children are as important as the elderly and wheelchairs me. So I have combined the needs of all my audiences together. "Unlike other boats, the islands namely stable and resilient, but also extremely light, agile and easy to use. A joystick makes for easy navigation, which is explained in the course of a short training.

Boats from recycled PET bottles
In addition to the stylish appearance of the moving islands particularly impressed by design, because all the boats spring from a cleverly thought sustainability concept. Recycled PET bottles constitute the platform, instead of glass fibers Hemp fibers are used. "I look at the nature from what already exists and develop it further by electromobility. With nature as our teacher, we should only move within the framework of our ability to work in harmony with it ", the creative head explains his approach.

For a special feel-good factor also makes the tasteful design of the boats: round sofa, dark wood and a palm conjure Caribbean feeling. A true island paradise, where up to eight people can be accommodated and can descend a swim ladder in the cool water easily. So the boat designer vitality, relaxation and innovation interconnects - and the center of Vienna, well served by public transport. In the evening after a hard day's work stop by, it is worth taking for a relaxing getaway. The water concerts bring in the next few weeks the most beautiful melodies of the Old Danube, combined with an exquisite dinner package for an exquisite evening between culinary and musical delights.

Floating concerts in August and September:
07 August "Summer Serenade" flute and harp
08 August "Fun Fair" Country and Western Music
August 15 "Sound of Vienna" Flute and String Trio
August 22 "Sound of Vienna" Flute and String Trio
05 September "Sound of Vienna" Flute and String Trio

Further information at
Concert ticket with dinner: EUR 68, - per person
Concert ticket: EUR 45, - per person
Concert starts at 20:00 each clock
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