Ninetec Spyforce1 FPV-UAV less than 100 euros

Ninetec Spyforce1 FPV-UAV less than 100 euros

Ninetec Spyforce1 FPV-UAV less than 100 euros
Ninetec Spyforce1. If you want to buy a quadcopter FPV engineering, cost models usually several hundred euros - not Ninetec Spyforce1! This FPV-UAV is to have for just under 100 euros. Here's what you get when Ninetec Spyforce1 where the advantages and disadvantages are, and how the proposed mini-drone quadricopter in comparison.

Ninetec Spyforce1 drone
Onboard camera (removable)
Remote control (2.4 GHz) with integrated support for iOS & Android Smartphones
1 drone battery (3.7V, 700mAh)
4 replacement rotors
1 suitable screwdriver
The delivery of the Ninetec Spyforce1 drone typical of a mini drone under 100 euros. All components of Quadrocopter via remote control, battery and rotors are settled and give the Spyforce the predicate RFT (ready to fly): unpack and fly!

A positive feature is at first sight of the comparatively strong drones Batteries Spyfoce1 which is 700 mAh more than the average of comparable Multicopter. That one also this power, however badly needed, is in flight.

Live image to your smartphone thanks to smart phone holder
The attached to the remote control of Ninetec Spyforce1 bracket allows you to clamp a smartphone. Then a live image from the eye of the drone (FPV = first person view) you can display and thus at any time to see what the quadricopter sees. For entry-level models below 100 euros, this feature is rather rare and a real eye-catcher.

Ninetec Spyforce: Drone with FPV
Mini Quadcopter Spyforce
Live View thanks to first person view
Wireless Live View
Remote control of Ninetec Spyforce1
Smartphone Holder for iOS & Android

Flight characteristics of Ninetec Spyforce1 drone
Since the Spyforce1 will be delivered as listed ready to fly, it's out of the box: Let's go to heaven! This shows that Ninetec has designed a perfectly stable system that is solid in the air and can not bring himself even smaller gusts from the rest. Thanks to small dimensions of 16 x 16 x 5 cm the Ninetec Spyforce1 has hardly attack surface for gust, wherein the 6 Gyro-control does the rest: Thanks to intelligent sensors, the Ninetec drone can always stabilize and manage the space to find. The comparison to other mini drones, like the models of Hubsan, Syma and UDI, the Ninetec Spyforce1 need to fear in terms of flight characteristics in no way!

Should the small drone, however undesirable drift, it is advisable to carry out a new calibration. Should be unclear how this can be achieved, are hints to the instruction manual. A clean calibration is particularly important, because otherwise you have to constantly take countermeasures and there is increased crashes.

3 flight modes for beginners and advanced
The Ninetec Spyforce1 has 3 preset flight modes, which is why it is suitable for beginners and experienced pilots. Depending on the mode the drone responds directly to the commands of the remote control, which is especially beginners come at the beginning of the benefit, as smaller flight errors are executed gently through this "filter" or are received not even. If you have learned the basics, you can admire the Ninetec Spyforce then fly in professional mode and thanks to direct and sporty driving even perform loops.

Ninetec Spyforce1: Duration approximately 6-7 minutes
The joy over the relatively strong performance of 700 mAh flies in literally unfortunately quite quickly: Only 6-7 minutes Ninetec Spyforce1 adheres in the air. That may be drones still in the lower middle of comparable mini, but could have been (around 60 minutes charging time) expect more in such a battery. As wirtklichen negative point one should not dismiss this, however, a flat rate, since these small FPV drone yes a further constituent features: The WLAN antenna.

WLAN antenna: FPV-image transfer to your smartphone
While the images of the camera just gets on the SD card, respectively the PC appears, in other mini drones, it is possible in the Ninetec Spyforce to see this live on the smartphone. For this purpose, below the drone a wireless antenna is attached, which transmits the data to iOS and Android devices. Since the antenna means both added weight and energy expenditure, the criticism of the flight time relativized. If you want to receive any FPV images, it is possible to remove the antenna, which improves the flight time.

Control via Smartphone
By means of wireless connection allows the drone Spyforce also control via smartphone app. From personal experience, however, has to be said that you should refrain at more affordable entry-level models of them. Too vague commands are received and executed too imprecise maneuvers. As a small gadget with a wink nice, but not really suitable for the clean control.

Taxes Ninetec Spyforce1 via smartphone
Control also possible via Smartphone
Camera Ninetec Spyforce1: Ordinary video possible

Although Ninetec bodied speaks of an HD camera, is the case of the drone Spyforce not so. The camera records photos with a resolution of 720 x 576 pixels, which is also still okay for a mini drone. Since there is no miracle in any case can be expected in terms of aerial photographs in this price range, you can look quite positive on the camera quality of Ninetec Spyforce.

NINETEC Spyforce1 Video drone Broadcast Smartphone Photo IOS and Android
Price: EUR 99.99
3.4 of 5 stars (20 customer reviews)
2 used & new available from EUR 99.99
Conclusion for Ninetec Spyforce1: Cheap FPV-UAV

Those looking for an entry into the FPV flying, is quite good with the Spyforce1: delivery, flight characteristics and camera are adequate for the price. Positive the live image is incident on the smartphone, which is why the Ninetec Spyforce1 should be considered when choosing a mini drone under 100 euros. For longer flights pleasure you should purchase 2-3 extra batteries.
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