No more bells for cows?

No more bells for cows?

No more bells for cows?
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The German Tierschutzbund urges abolition. In Austria provisionally not an issue. The German Animal Welfare Society in Bavaria has called for abolition of the cowbells. "Clean an animal be expected from tradition as something that is totally rejected," said the President of the Bavarian Association, Nicole Brühl. For Austria, which is meanwhile still not an issue, as the animal protection organization announces Four Paws.

Most pastures are fenced anyway. Instead of a heavy and loud bell could be a cow reassign a GPS band satellite positioning, so Brühl for statement. The required by the German Animal Welfare Association abolition of cowbells is in Austria for the time being not an issue. That said Indra Kley from the animal welfare organization Four Paws. "We first want to have more details on the situation in Austria and more scientific evidence that the animals really cowbells harm."

Protests from politics and tourism
Bavaria's Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner other hand, sees no need for action: "I believe that the bells are not impaired for the cows - neither in weight nor the tone." In the long term could also sensors allow the tracking of animals, Brunner admitted. "But that is not yet technically mature and is currently only in the trial."

The chairman of the association Alpwirtschaftlichen im Allgäu, Franz Hage, was outraged at the attempt by the animal rights activists: "This is complete nonsense." The bells and bells do not harm the animals. The pride of the herdsmen get expressed in them. "It's tradition in Allgäu and one of them," Hage said.

According to Ten Pence it often happens that young cattle despite an electric fence breaks out of the pasture. On the large areas of the high pastures it is difficult without bells, the animals recover - especially with fog.

Swiss study argues against bells
In Switzerland, there has long been a debate about whether Cowbells are animal cruelty. A study by the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich showed that the ruminants under the bells suffer: it moving at six measurement days 19 cows with 5.5 kilogram bells their heads rarer than loose bell conspecifics. In addition, ate and rested them less. The Wiederkau duration was reduced with bell around 2.5 hours per animal. Remained unclear, inter alia, whether this has been influenced by a certain weight or the sound of the bells, the project manager Edna Hillmann had declared.

The animal rights activist Nancy Holten is a major bone in Switzerland, in calling for a legal ban. Bells are for cows "so loudly as if we would keep us a jackhammer to your ear," railed Holten. They tried "out cowbells" enforce their request with media appearances and the Facebook group. In response, the Facebook group was created "Pro Kuhglocken" with significantly more supporters.
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