Now Google allows you to send WhatsApp messages with voice commands

Now Google allows you to send WhatsApp messages with voice commands

Now Google allows you to send WhatsApp messages with voice commands

Now WhatsApp integrated with Google. The voice assistant for Android, Google Now, is updated and integrates a new and interesting feature. Now the user can send text messages via messaging services such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, or NextPlus Telegram without even touching the keyboard because the virtual assistant will be able to interpret them and send them via voice commands. At the moment this function is only available in English, but the big G promises to integrate new languages ​​such as Spanish soon.

Recent changes to the API of the virtual assistant Android start to bear fruit. While Google Now was perfectly integrated with the search engine services and applications of the system, from now on open borders for use with third-party apps. Such is the case of important applications for the platform as WhatsApp, that since the last update is already compatible. The result is a very powerful tool for the user, as we detail below.

An increasingly intelligent permanent information system
Now Google was born in the heat of the so-called cards. An information system through which the user received position-related data and information stored in your device. However, the assistant Android has evolved into direct competition with Siri or Cortana. And this system recognizes and interprets your voice commands. Product of that property and from popular command "OK Google," the smartphone is able to interact with you and the operating system itself. For example, until now it was possible to send a text message I through Hangouts with just dictate the message and appoint a person as a contact included in the agenda.

Send voice WhatsApp is now possible
Today, the latest update to Google Now curl to open this kind of voice features to instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, or NextPlus Telegram. The result is that the user can send messages through these apps with just to Google Now. The procedure is simple. We'll have to activate the voice assistant by Google OK command and place an order like: OK Google, WhatsApp to send to where it should follow the name of the contact and the message body. Google on his blog shows us a concrete example:

For now this function dictated only be available in English. However, the search engine promises to soon integrate other languages, including Spanish hope that is found to make use of this dictation. The new feature will be a very useful tool, since the ability to send WhatsApp and other messaging services without physically handling the phone, something very common when we are driving in the car opens.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free
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