Poisonous Zucchini Fruit

Poisonous Zucchini Fruit

Poisonous Zucchini Fruit
Zucchini - © image: istockphoto.com/MaryAnnShmueli
Zucchini. Man dies after eating. An incredible story, but true, On Thursday a 79 year old man died in Germany's Baden-W├╝rttemberg, after he had eaten a dish from home-grown courgettes from his neighbors. Before his death, he reported that the vegetables tasted unusually bitter. EThe laboratory stated: The vegetables were toxic and contained the Bittern cucurbitacin.

Because of the drought seem to have formed this year in privately grown pumpkins and zucchini increasingly bitter substances. The so-called cucurbitacins could cause diarrhea, the consumption of large quantities even fatal intestinal damage.

Caution when zucchini bitter taste!
The substance has actually grown from cucurbits like cucumbers and zucchini out how the case reported. By default, mutations and backcrosses they can but in some cases the poison again. "The main risk lies in the allotment garden area if the gardener again pull up with their own seeds every year Zucchini" explains Norber Pfeufer, the medical director of the central emergency room of the hospital. The poison does not disappear during cooking and solve the mucosa in the gastrointestinal area. According to Roth, the heat of the past few weeks the cause of the toxic zucchini could be: "Some plants that fall into stress, producing toxins," says Chemistry Director Maria Roth.

In Bavaria, at least five people have been treated medically after eating bitter zucchini or pumpkin according to the authorities this summer. In all patients called cucurbitacin poisoning have been found, reported the Bavarian State Office for the health and food safety in Erlangen. Not everyone would bring diarrhea sufferers or doctors with the consumption of bitter zucchini or squash in context. In Austria, no such cases have been reported to date, so Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES).
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