Putin destroyed western food

Putin destroyed western food

Putin © image: Corbis
Yoghurt from Germany, red wine from Italy or cheese from France: Despite sharp criticism from citizens, the Russian authorities have begun on Thursday to destroy by an import ban prohibited foods from the West in a big way. A corresponding decree of President Vladimir Putin came into force on Thursday. Throughout the country, agricultural supervision of fruits and cheeses that have a ton of burned on the orders of Putin reported. Hundreds of thousands of Russians protested with a petition against food waste.

Distribute to the needy rather than destroy
On the campaign platform change.org cried alone on Wednesday of yesterday more than 200,000 signatories to to better distribute food to the needy. "Why should we destroy food that can be distributed to war veterans, pensioners, the disabled, large families and victims of natural disasters?" So the question on change.org, which is sent to Putin and his government. The confiscated by Customs foods should be used to compensate the suffering from the rise because of the import ban prices population, is the demand.

Government spokesman Dmitry Peskov was forced to react. He presented to journalists in Moscow the value of the petition in question - the signatories would not "traceable identified".

But many critics of the action have the very well done publicly. Among them is the chairman of the Communist Party, Gennady Zyuganov, who called the destruction of food an "extreme measure". He suggested to give the food of the Orthodox Church, to distribute to children and orphanages. Even "our friends in Donetsk and Lugansk" might need the food, he said, referring to the eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists fighting against the pro-Western government in Kiev.

Food destroys the future of border
Russia wants to be covered by an import ban food from the European Union and the United States continue to destroy at the border, rather than as before to return in the exporting countries. Russia had himself imposed a comprehensive embargo on food from the EU and other Western countries in response to the EU sanctions against Moscow about a year ago. The EU had decided the punitive measures for the Russian role in the Ukraine crisis. Since the entry into force of the ban several times illegally imported food were seized on the Russian border already.

The TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, usually a friend of the government, wrote on Twitter that he could not understand that a country "that went through the terrible hunger during the war and the terrible years after the revolution" could destroy food. The consumer advocate Alisher Sachidow warned in radio station Kommersant FM that the government should look at the 18 million people who live below the poverty line. "These people need the meat.

After the ban on Western food, the Russian authorities had complained a smuggling fruits, vegetables or dairy products as via Belarus, and also illegal imports from Ukraine.
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