Removes the limit of 5 minutes to 4K videos in Samsung

Removes the limit of 5 minutes to 4K videos in Samsung

Removes the limit of 5 minutes to 4K videos in Samsung

Samsung Video Limitation Problem. From XDA Developers comes another of those brilliant software that improve the performance and release the potential of the terminals have 4K recording. The author has created this Project Super Camera on Steroids thinking especially of the Samsung Galaxy Note and any other terminal of this manufacturer by the comments we see in the official thread, you may install it on any other Android handset, like maybe a Sony Xperia Z2 .

We stick to Samsung because the author of the software so indicates, but it seems that the support of this application comes to any other device without problems. However, we can not guarantee that it will work properly, nor does it.

Anyway, it seems that Samsung Galaxy have any video recording at 4K can break the shackles imposed by the software and record videos only allowed 5 minutes. Of course, the shots seem to go keeping in blocks of 4 GB (which are about 10 minutes of recording time) until we run out of space on the device. Again, it seems that in other brands it does not, and have come to be cases of complete video 10GB.

Whatever the case, we will need only unburden the application SamsungCamera4.apk modified kevin rocksman, creator of this particular software and can be downloaded from the thread created for this purpose on XDA Developers. That also gives us the steps necessary to install, for those who do not get along with English, they are the following, and warned, though necessary root in the terminal to make the process, do not flash anything from Recovery :

Download and extract this zip SamsungCamera.apk
Use file browser or file manager to find the path system / apps / SamsungCamera4 /
Make a backup copy of everything in that folder and then delete it.
SamsungCamera4.apk Copy this folder.
You have to set permissions to rewrite, read and write to this file.
Restart the phone.
After restarting, you must test whether the camera application works and search the text icon if the KRM above record button.

If there are those three letters, all properly installed and will be able to record video in 4K smoothly, something that Samsung had already unlocked while for lower grades. However, use it with caution because a video in 4K can take away with the storage capacity we have free.
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