Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition
PS 4 Game Dishonored was for many one of the biggest surprises we left the last generation of consoles. From Arkane Studios and had sold very well your project, even using controversial comparisons with the Call of Duty franchise. And that, many times, just playing against. But the result was impressive. Meristation Game of the Year (2012) and an experience of stealth and action, myself included, we left a great taste. Three years have passed and Bethesda launches remaster for next-generation consoles. Playable, Dishonored is still as powerful as the original delivery. But three years later, few innovations proposed by this title for those who enjoyed it at the time. If you have never played console and Dishonored, this Definitive Edition is simple and simply essential. In any other consideration it is more controversial.

The protagonist of this delivery is attano Corvo, a murderer who just looks like the Empress of Dunwall, a city in decline for many (not for a wealthy elite and despot) where plague and poverty is destroying everything. Being in the worst possible place at the wrong time is what happens to Corvo, who happens to be named enemy number one place on suspicion of killing the empress. That's where begins a race to avoid being caught and also a journey that should serve to discover the true conspirator. The presence of a rebel group that will help rescue a fallen alive and supernatural powers of heaven at the right time to complete a game is developed with extreme fluidity and gives endless possibilities to the player.

Basically we will move through different chapters that have targets to meet. An adventure that has no linear development levels but is not open world, but we are located in a designated area and gives us freedom to act as we wish. Find a lot of extras and side quests that we can make, we must balance our skills with weapons to the powers that will offer the Stranger and allow us to be stealthy and lethal. Guns, crossbows, grenades and other arsenal that will serve to address many sections as in a first person shooter, but as a rule will not be recommended.

Stealth is an indispensable part of Dishonored and powers enable us to exploit the design -brillante- levels in all its glory. The teleport to a nearby point, known as Wink, remains a skill much needed as overly useful even, which is added to stop time, a dark vision to locate enemies and weapons, burst to open doors and throw enemies the air or voracious attack, invoking a plague of rats creating chaos in specific areas where we can move then. To this non-lethal capabilities are added -flechas somníferas- our stealthy surprise breakthrough that allows the back to enemies and let them knocked out (or kill them with our sharp weapons), battles with bosses and enemies all kinds of gadgets that go beyond soldiers : turrets, guns or mosquitoes, a kind of vigilante machines embitter us the existence in outdoor areas.

Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Best of all these elements is that they are options we have available and then it is we who decide. Here, because there is a particular weapon at the beginning, does not mean we have to use it. Nor roads through the sewers have to be ideals to advance to our goal. It's the feeling of freedom and some creativity when solving the setbacks that we find what makes us so special Dishonored. Sometimes we will use the powers, others will prefer to go to the purest style Snake, there will be no other choice but to start shooting. Is an important component replay this arrangement of elements (see achievements and trophies even biting us finish the game without using certain skills, for example).

Compilation than Remaster
The feeling with the title, which remains playable excellence, is that we are again faced a compilation Dishonored that before a remaster. One attraction is the inclusion of three downloadable content that came out at the time. Dunwall City Trials is a set of tests that can deepen the gameplay created by Arkane, while both the dagger of Dunwall as The Witches of Brigmore two contents are extra argument missions and most interesting we've seen in these types DLC. Daud is the protagonist of the first DLC campaign, adding areas, characters, weapons and new powers to what we have already seen, in addition to narrating some key events in and Original ljuego. The other content is also starring Daud and puts an end to its plot. The motivations of the character and several of the characters that is are for framing. We will not find anything new in this respect more: the original game and the DLC as conceived everything.

Minor graphical update
Definitive Edition looks good on the next generation consoles, although the changes are lower than could be expected. On the one hand we have an increase of up to 1080p resolution that makes things clearer and colorful, and on the other we see how certain elements have been improved as textures and minor details. However, in the aggregate is seen to be a game designed for older platforms (own textures previously mentioned there are some that are not up to standard) and this is not a title that marks differences from the PC version, the all polished at the output of the original Dishonored. There are even items that have worsened as a burden excessively long.

Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition

We have also seen some individuals who remain so, as dead bodies kept popping and has not entirely disappeared despite the jump platform. In addition, 30 frames per second maintained the original delivery without betting by 60fps drawer that look remasters of this style. In this sense, again the art section of the game makes the most, with a decadent city full of contrasts, the presence of great technological advances well introduced in the daily life of Dunwall and characters that emerge dislike and that feeling to hide something in every word released.

Dishonored is still the great title that earned him the award at IGN GOTY 2012. The gameplay, the possibilities of each area we visited and the variety of options we have in our hands allows us to enjoy completely opposite ways. But this Definitive Edition looks more like a compilation with the DLC (brilliant, by the way) for the next generation that really a remaster. Yes, there are increased resolution at 1080p and have improved some visual elements, but keeps some original technical setbacks and improvements are sorely lacking, even if the 60 frames per second does not bring. Essential if you did not play at the time and have a PS4 or Xbox One, but not too real attraction for those with the original delivery, among other things, because the visual leap is not the most prominent in this type of remasters.
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