Six ways you have not tried to save battery on your Android

Six ways you have not tried to save battery on your Android

Six ways you have not tried to save battery on your Android
After the many tips found on the network, has not yet managed to increase the autonomy of your Android, you should read these new ways of doing because surely not've used yet. In addition, there are both root and non-root, so the possibilities are for everyone.

Currently smartphones have a lot of functions that often hinder the battery life. Therefore, we must try to squeeze the most of what it offers, either through applications or different tricks that allow take some minutes, often vital. Well, with this series of solutions which said by the way, are not the "typical" we see anywhere-you have more chances over achieve your goal on your Android smartphone, either root or without root.

The solutions without root;

1. Turn AMOLED pixels
Some Android phones use, very different from the typical LCD and AMOLED panels each pixel emits its own light and not a rear "light" on the panel, is required allowing for example, black colors, pixels are simply turned off. This concept can be taken a step further to "eliminate" the extra pixels on the screen to save power. OFF pixel creates a kind of black mesh so that, approximately every 5 pixels, turns off one of them and thus save battery get-those pixels to be turned off, do not consume energy.

Developer: BIZKAI Apps
Price: Free

2. Disable data connectivity with display off
If you do not need to continuously receive notifications, you can significantly increase the autonomy of your Android to disable any data connection while the screen is off. So, every time we fire, it will reconnect to receive in the phone all that is pending. You can disable WiFi, Bluetooth and even data, creating different filters depending on the downtime.

Developer: TeqTic
Price: Free

3. Disable applications and change system settings
It can be certainly something much more typical than this. One of the best options we have to increase the battery life is to remove or disable applications that do not use, including system. And we must always keep in mind what apps are the most consumed accessing our history battery to act accordingly.

The solutions with root;

1. Find and use the features of the Sony Xperia Stamina mode
It is a module Xposed of which I spoke a few weeks ago, getting a consumption of only 0.2% per hour at any terminal with root privileges. If you are interested, you have all the installation and operating information in this article.

2. Use the L-Speed ​​mod
Some settings to conserve battery are "hidden" in the kernel and system device but with an appropriate recovery (custom) and this mod, you can go to them and change them to your liking. L-Speed ​​is a ZIP flasehable automatically optimizes certain kernel features and offers a similar to Linux or Windows terminal interface to perform some "tricks".

3. Reduce the screen resolution
If your Android has a qHD display (1440p), energy expenditure is clearly higher than in the case of Full HD or just HD. Resolution Changer NOMone applications let you easily make these changes, turning off those pixels that are not "can" see and hardly affect the resolution of the device remains correct. Of course, use the application very carefully.
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