SYMA X5C Drone, Quadcopter for Beginner

SYMA X5C Drone, Quadcopter for Beginner

SYMA X5C Drone, Quadricopter for Beginner
Syma X5C Quadrocopter. Beginners drones compared: Syma X5C QuadrocopterMit the Syma X5C Quadrocopter is another mini-drone with camera in the price range of around 60 euros on offer. According to the manufacturer, it is in this handy Quadrocopter a drone with HD camera, but let the video recordings the doubt. Nevertheless, the Syma X5C Quadrocopter confident in flight behavior and can assert itself in the drones Comparison well!

Syma X5C Quadrocopter (ready to fly)
Onboard HD camera
2.4GHz remote control (without batteries) with LCD display
Replacement rotors
1 LiPo battery for the drone, 3.7V, 500 mAh
2GB micro SD memory card
Rotor protection
USB Card Reader
Delivery of Syma X5C includes (almost) everything you need

The Syma X5C Quadrocopter scores at the moment of opening already with a fairly extensive equipment. The ready to fly system ("Ready to Fly") takes its name so as not to unduly, which especially stand out the removable rotor protection and the included SD card included USB card reader pleasant. Here was apparently thought of everything. Nevertheless, as always Another Rechargeable Battery Pack for Quadrocopter needed, because the pleasure is suffering considerably at a flight time of approximately 8-10 minutes by a charging time of about an hour. So you sometimes may take slightly longer flying drone Syma X5C, it is advisable to retrofit so, especially since the additional batteries are very inexpensive to buy and verfielfachen the flying pleasure. Who wants to make provisions, may also consider the purchase of LiPo batteries with 600 mAh. Thus, the flight time can be increased again.

Included with the Syma X5C is as always no batteries set for remote control included. For this purpose must be bought 4x 1.5 AA. I As always refer to the purchase of batteries that have armortisiert right after the 4th charging and do better the environment as a battery waste.

Syma X5C 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro 2.0MP HD Camera RC Helicopter RC quadricopter RTF 3D
Price: EUR 48.63
4.0 of 5 stars (101 customer reviews)
20 used & new available from EUR 48.63
Syma X5C: Stable, entry-valent quadricopter

With dimensions of 31 x 31 x 9 cm and a weight of 92 grams of Syma X5C is almost outgrown Quadrocopter category of mini-drone. Nevertheless, the processing something for themselves: The entire Quadrocopter in white makes a high impression Design and erinert the famous DJI Phantom. Through protective frame and landing gear also beginners are on the safe side and can afford the occasional faux pas without risking equal to the Quadrocopter.

Flying the Syma X5C Quadrocopter: Stable maneuvers safer and Hover
Since it is a flight system ready we can start directly after unpacking the Syma X5C. For the safety of drone and pilot of the first flight, however, should be carried out with attached protective framework for the rotors. Too fast latter are shaved on walls and edges, so that the replacement rotors are needed more quickly than expected. In the air the Syma X5C Quadrocopter is however in his element: Stable pans and rotations can be performed on relatively safe for inexperienced pilots. In this mode and get the sophisticated sensor technology to mitigate the possibly untrained controls as possible, so that a softer flight with the Syma X5C is possible. LEDs help with orientation and show some distance on even where the front and back. This benefits especially beginners pilots. For more experienced drone pilot can be set a more direct and sporty profile. However Drones camera and rotor protection provide for the modified air flows of dirty flight behavior than without camera and frame.

If the Syma 5XC actually a drone with HD camera?
Even if the manufacturer bodied speaks of a mini-drone with HD camera, this name should evoke skepticism even when considering the price. For good 50 - 60 euros to expect HD quality is daring, yet the 2 Megapixel camera onboard the Syma X5C delivers decent photos and can keep up with competitors like the Hubsan X4. Last but not least the stable flight behavior pays off again: With a steady hand with the Syma X5C so steady video can be recorded, which can turn up just in the private hobby area. Who really wants to get a drone with HD camera, have to look at products from Parrot or DJI willy-nilly.

Syma X5C Quadrocopter quite recommendable
Overall, this chic mini-drone makes a good impression. Particularly convincing the extensive facilities and excellent flight characteristics of the Syma X5C and can compete with those of the competition entirely. Although the camera delivers is not necessarily what it promises, but it provides aerial photographs that are absolutely okay for a mini-drone this price segment. So who is in search of a drone that provides a cheap and good introduction to the aviation, canceled pretty good with the Syma X5C.
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Those who want to go one step further and wants more accessories (for example, a second battery or a bigger memory card), here is the Syma X5C Explorer Edition presented. This is also popular with readers of this page, where I would like to point out that I do not find justified the additional cost by almost 100%. Overall, however, a very decent entry-level drone!
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