Taliban have a new leader

Taliban have a new leader

Taliban have a new leader
Getty Images - Taliban combatants
The world can not kill the people who loving to die, give them love not bullet. The Taliban acknowledged the death of its founder and supreme leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, because of an illness and announced the election of Akhtar Mansoor as its new leader. Islamist group spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahed, issued a statement Thursday stating that "the family of Mullah Omar announces that died of a long illness", but without specifying the date or place of death.

Mujahed said neither type of disease that led to the death of Taliban leader however said that during the past 14 years lived inside the country (Afghanistan) and never traveled to Pakistan. He said prayers in parts of Afghanistan held by the departed soul for three days. According to offices of the Afghan news agency Pajhwok, Akhund Abdul Manan and Muhammad Yaqoob, brother and eldest son of the late Omar, they urged all Muslims to forgive if their rights were trampled during the regime of the founder of the group. The recognition by the Taliban came a day after the Afghan government confirmed that the supreme leader died from disease in a hospital in Pakistan in April 2013, after investigating reports of the disappearance of Mullah Omar.

Last week Fidaee Mahaz, a splinter group of the Taliban, raised a series of speculations after saying that Mullah Omar had died two years ago and his body was buried in the southern Afghan province of Zabul. Fidaee Mahaz, claiming sharp divisions within the Taliban movement, also accused some commanders, among them the new Mansoor- of killing Mullah Omar Muhahid. Last December, Taliban insurgents carried out a slaughter in the school run by the Army.

A blow to its unity and its future
The news of the death of Taliban supreme leader is a blow to the unity of this insurgent group, jeopardizes the talks initiated with the Government and leaves the Taliban movement between the fracture and new adventures as the Islamic State (EI ). Mullah Omar played an important role as a symbol of unity for the Taliban commanders, who have been fighting the government and the international military contingent present in the country for 14 years. That unit, analysts consulted by Efe, can not keep the impending internal power struggle and the realignment of forces and positions, which will consider the more than safe rift between different factions.

The second in command and Taliban commander, Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour, has the support of the family of Omar, or the Taliban office in Qatar or Mullah Abdul Qayum Zakir number three insurgent group, he said Efe Afghan diplomat Ahmad Sayeedi.

"Seeing these cracks, the Taliban will not stay together after the death of Mullah Omar," said the expert on the insurgency. He also said that Mullah Omar had suggested as successors Mullah Obaidullah, who was dead, and Mullah Brother, currently under house arrest in Pakistan, so, in your opinion, who take the lead will not be accepted by all Taliban groups.

It could be his last year
Sustained insurgency for 14 years also will weaken after the death of their leader. Some of their commanders accepted the peace talks that tore this month with the government and those who oppose will have no alternative but to join the local version of the Islamic State, he told Efe exoficial Javid Afghan intelligence Kohistani.

"The status of Amirul Mumineen (commander of the faithful, awarded to Omar) backed by 1,500 ulema (doctors of the Koran) is not feasible for the Taliban and so the fatwa (the commander's orders) are not effective or accepted by Taliban commanders, "said Kohistani.

In his opinion, this will be the last year that the Taliban show its full military power. Several Taliban commanders defected in recent months to join the EI, so the insurgent group warned Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the organization, not create one seconds jihad against the country if it did not want to be confronted and defeated by force. But the announcement of the death of Mullah Omar has come after the long-awaited first round of talks between the Taliban and the government, on July 7, and when the latter is prepared, postponed to Taliban petition with the latest developments .

"The death of Mullah Omar have serious consequences for the peace talks in the short term and more complicated, but in the long term is seen as an opportunity for the government to reach peace with those insurgents that his colleagues were not allowed in last find an agreement, "he told Efe Natiqi Mohammad, the Afghan delegation at the talks. In that regard, he recalled that the most influential factions of the Taliban is the group of Mullah Akhtar Mansour and the Haqqani network, which in the past have shown the desire to reach an agreement to end the war.

"If the government reaches an agreement with these two groups, the remaining Taliban have no choice but to bow to the peace agreement," he added Natiqi.

A benefit for the Islamic State?
The death of the head of the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, threatens to push many jihadists in the region into the arms of Islamic State, which wants to expand his "caliphate" to Afghanistan, analysts believe. The Afghan Taliban faced since early this year to the defection of commanders, disillusioned with the leadership of Mullah Omar and discreet attracted by the head of EI, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

EI recently issued a fatwa (edict) which stated, before the announcement of the Afghan authorities, that Mullah Omar had died and that the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan had to swear allegiance to their "Caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The fatwa had the mullah as a "nationalist" Afghan, interested only by the seizure of power in Kabul and not the creation of a global caliphate, and claimed that Al Baghdadi Arab tribe descended from the Qureshis, which belonged Prophet Muhammad.

Al Baghdadi "is the Imam of the time (...) while Mullah Omar was no more than a day, in the best case, a former head of one of the many lands of Islam," the EI , which also released a video in which one of its alleged members slaughters a "traitor" in the Afghan province of Nangarhar.
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