The fingerprint sensor 7S Huawei Mate serve for more than unlock the terminal

The fingerprint sensor 7S Huawei Mate serve for more than unlock the terminal

The fingerprint sensor 7S Huawei Mate serve for more than unlock the terminal

Huawei Mate biometric sensor 7S. There are five days for Huawei IFA show in all their artillery. Taking advantage of that figure, the CEO of the company has posted on his Weibo account a promotional image of the impending Huawei Mate 7S in which a play on words denoting one of the new features with which debuts phablet appears. Everything indicates that the fingerprint sensor including the team on the back will be assigned up to five specific functions.

The countdown has begun and the major firms have a prominent role in the international fair in Berlin, the IFA, and take advantage of the situation. Such is the case of Huawei, which by its chief executive continues to create buzz around one of its new models to be presented at the German fair.

The game of social networks used by brands
Just as it should manage the expected presentation OnePlus OnePlus 2 Huawei has also sought to use social networks to gain prominence in the current industry and generate excitement about one of his new projects. It is assumed Huawei Mate 7S model of a revamped version of the previous generation so certainly see a pure phablet expected. However, far from knowing the full technical features, the top manager of the company has begun to open mouth with teasers like that accompanies the article.
Huawei fingerprint sensor 7S Mate

Discover the features of Huawei Mate 7S to be presented at IFA
Five days, five functions - As you can see, capture refers to the functionality of the fingerprint sensor to equip the phablet. More specifically, the five functions that will be assigned to the biometric sensor as well as the five fingers suggest that appear around the fingerprint sensor. In fact, the promotional image is a phrase that also appears very revealing.

"5 powerful functions will fit in 1 square cm"
No doubt. Huawei Mate sensor associated 7S have five main functions that fit within a square centimeter. What Huawei mean? In this regard so we can only take a little imagination the matter. Will you be using the fingerprint sensor Huawei to introduce a payment system itself? Will it serve to block content stored on the device with a native security system?

Huawei Mate 8 shows a teaser, this is all we know about it
We could propose more and more features and security-related functionality that can take advantage of a biometric sensor such as the Huawei Mate 7S tools. However, we will have to wait until next September 2nd to know exactly what the manufacturer refers when he speaks five powerful functions.
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