The price of Huawei Watch are very similar to Apple Watch

The price of Huawei Watch are very similar to Apple Watch

The price of Huawei Watch, and are very similar to Apple Watch

Huawei metal bracelet Watch. The Huawei Watch was officially launched at last year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​in March. However, the company refused to disclose information about its commercial launch and price for its debut. Rumors made the rounds suggested that some of the most exclusive versions of the Asian reach $ 1,000 watch. They were not misguided, with an even cost in some cases Apple Watch, although there will be more economic models, as is apparent from the booking process e-commerce store.

The market for wearables is in the process of growth. Users begin to be attracted to these complementary accessories for your smartphones and trademarks take note of the situation. Therefore, the presentation of intelligent and bracelets smartwatches has been also increased. In fact, the next big fair which will host the sector, the IFA fair in Berlin, stands as the ideal for the staging of a new generation of wearable called event.

Huawei shift
Meanwhile, the current generation of smartwatches accounts for much of the role. In this aspect Apple has had great impact on the launch of its first smart watch (not sales), but Huawei also have outstanding bills. And its big bet for this emerging market was unveiled at Mobile World Congress, but had not yet made the leap to the market. We refer to the Huawei Watch, model we met many of its technical details and design, but no other interesting aspects such as price-to-market and the actual release date.

Final price and release date - Huawei prices Watch
Amazon throws us a cable to provide answers as the e-commerce platform moves us through the booking process clock that the company itself has activated today, both the date of marketing as the price of the different versions that the manufacturer make available to its customers.

The price of Huawei Watch are very similar to Apple Watch

As already indicated above, it is speculated that the most exclusive versions of Huawei Watch reach the mark of $ 1,000. Finally not reach the thousand dollars, but the 800. And is that as you can see in the online store Amazon, the price of Chinese brand clock starts at $ 349 and covers up the aforementioned $ 800 to the most exclusive equipment. For the most economical model, we are talking about the version with leather strap and steel case. If we go step we find the version with black case and strap of stainless steel, priced at $ 450. For gourmets Huawei has prepared the Huawei Watch with steel case and bracelet gold plated brown leather, which according to Amazon's price will rise to $ 700. However, the most exclusive version will be the case and strap look of gold-plated steel, the most ostentatious version to be available for $ 800.

The process of reservation or advance purchase of Huawei activated by Amazon Watch indicates that the SmartWatch advance orders will be shipped in just a week since established on September 2 as the official release date.

What percentage of users do not recommend buying Apple Watch your friends? "Apple" Prices.
With the active reserve in the Amazon web except corrections brand late, finally we know the final prices of Huawei Watch. The truth is that not surprise us as the unofficial information flowing through the network subsequent to the submission of the Watch spoke of a similar price range. Thus we can now compare with one of the reference models of the market status and brand image, the Apple Watch. The truth is that the cost of both models shake hands in intermediate versions. While Huawei offers its cheapest model from $ 349 (almost certainly be the price in euros with 1: 1 conversion) and Apple sold in Spain's Watch Sport version 419 euros, the Sport Watch with 42 mm and Huawei Watch with metal strap rub shoulders around 450 and 469 euros. These ranges will be more aware as we should have placed, in addition to the lowest, as the most demanded. User and preferences depend choose either model in response to what each one of these.

However, for those who value a watch of this kind to complement exclusive fashion, perhaps win-win for the purchase of Huawei SmartWatch (between 700 and 800 dollars) since the price offered by the gold-plated version, in Apple catalog have available the most complete versions of Apple Watch, but far from Apple Watch Edition versions, with totally outrageous prices starting from 11,200 euros.
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