The Unmask Liars

The Unmask Liars

The Unmask Liars
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To expose liars at these signals to tell if a person is telling the truth or not. You do not need a polygraph to be able to recognize that it just does not take your counterpart as accurately with the truth. Dodgers can also expose a lot easier. Some of her voice, her choice of words, their posture or line of sight.

How to recognize a liar
- On the face expressions
The liar often an exaggerated facial expression, such as the widening of the eyes or the wrinkles of the forehead. Another signal, sending the liar unconsciously, is the frequent moistening the lips. Equally treacherous is when your counterpart is smiling, though the situation brings absolutely nothing rants with it. Oh, and not forgetting the complexion: The blush is probably one of the best-known signals that betray a liar. However, caution is necessary, but often enough an uncomfortable situation for a sudden change of face color.

- The eyes
Basically, try not experienced swindler eye contact with their counterparts to avoid as much as possible. Therefore deviates the Opposite her gaze, you should make suspicious. Apart from this, the viewing direction as some statements about the veracity of what is said: Look the other person often left, this indicates a lie. Hiking his eyes when replying however increasingly to the right, is the likelihood that he tells the truth, higher. Frequent blinking or a stare are further evidence of a lie. A good indicator, but not too easy to spot, are dilated pupils.

- The gestures
Do not worry if your opposite scratch over and over again. Approximately on the arms or face. As surely have fewer fleas more or less small untruths mischief. Frequent scratching reveals that the interlocutor is nervous. And also crossed arms or a slight sway of the torso to the right or to the left of responses are extremely suspicious. Caution is also popular, if statement and gestures contradict clear. Approximately when the Opposite says yes while shaking his head.

- To way of speak
The voice of the other person tells a lot about the veracity of his statements. Speaks a person higher than usual, which could indicate a lie. Also suspicious is a muffled voice. In addition, swindlers often speak more slowly. Your fluency is interrupted by more or less conspicuous gaps or filler as Ähms or HMM.

- The type of answers
While simple questions are often repeated answer complex sentences word for word can often be reproduced. Also frequent evasive maneuvers and counter-questions suggest a lie. In contrast, spontaneous, ill-considered answers with swindlers are rare. And another interesting detail: we respond usually within half a second. If the answer on the other hand as a shot or with conspicuous delay, probably a lie is in the game.
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