Time to Solar Charger

Time to Solar Charger

Time to Solar Charger
Solar Charger © Photo: istockphoto.com
The Grazer startup SunnyBag that manufactures shoulder bags and backpacks with solar panels, fetches for its new product, a solar charger, back money from the crowd. On the swarm funding platform Kickstarter, the 10,000-euro-funding target for the "Powertab" was exceeded on the first day. Meanwhile it is just under 44,800 euros, the money search campaign will run until 16 August.

More than 500 supporters has already found the new project of SunnyBag. The solar panel is equipped with a battery pack and can charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or cameras with renewable energy - without power.

The Grazer use the same solar cells as the US electric carmaker Tesla for his latest "Model S". The USB output provides the "Powertab" up to 2.4 Amps output current; a full battery charge is sufficient for about three smartphones. The unit is also equipped with a read and night lamp.

The solar charger has been encountered even with the Austrian development assistance on interest, so SunnyBag to APA. SunnyBag-founder Stefan Ponsold was tested at the beginning together with aid workers in West Africa and has the "Powertab" under extreme conditions. Once the device is on the market, it would distribute the aid in West Africa, so SunnyBag. "The final negotiations are under way." The population living in poverty in West Africa often does not possess any power and had to rely on "dirty energy".

Available in September
Is to buy the "Powertab" from September be - for 99 euros each, first one mainly in the webshop of SunnyBag. Who provides the Graz-based company on Kickstarter money for development available, it gets cheaper. The crowd therefore not participating in the entrepreneurs, but gets a product assured. Where the principle of "first come, first served" applies: The earliest supporters pay the least.

SunnyBag was founded in 2010 by Ponsold. The company plans to create in 2015 a black zero. 2014, according to industry insiders, with a loss of about 160,000 euros was incurred. The official record is not yet available. Sales of SunnyBag has risen every year since the founding year by about 50 percent. 2014 there were more than 400,000 euros. The SunnyBag GmbH is one of 55 percent Ponsold, who is also managing director. 30 percent holds the economic development agency of the Province of Styria, 15 percent the Styrian Beteiligungsgesellschaft Innovision.
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