Tom Cruise wanna leave Scientology?

Tom Cruise wanna leave Scientology?

Tom Cruise wanna leave Scientology?
Tom Cruise © Image: 2015 Getty Images / Yuriko Nakao
An at first incredible sounding message: Precisely Scientology figurehead Tom Cruise is, want to get out of the influential Scientology sect! Alleged to be his little daughter Suri. Her mother Katie Holmes ran him for his religious delusion already it and now he is at least trying to save his relationship with his children. He gets help from someone allegedly, from which one would not necessarily expect ...

Quitting the sect is far from easy, we know at least since the Leah Remini ("King of Queens). For Cruise, the project is likely a lot more difficult. It could also be a" mission impossible call ". But he is said to have been offered help, from none other than Lisa Marie Presley.

National Enquirer has argued that the 47-year-old will want to play their influence to ensure that the "Mission Impossible" can "escape" actor of Scientology. The mother of four wants to help bring his family life back in order Cruise. The 53-year-old is said to have his only biological daughter Suri not seen for a long time - some say for months, others for weeks.

Presley could harm sect
Lisa Marie believe that Tom's hands are tied and thinks it could hurt his career, he would leave the sect. But Presley has something against Scientology in her hand, she claims. You would not be afraid to bring the information to the public, one of the religious leaders should try to extort Cruise and prevent them to get out. "Tom Cruise has taken the decision to leave Scientology for Suri. He has not seen regularly, since the church she and her mother Katie Holmes as 'suppressive persons' categorized," said a source. "Tom wants desperately occur again in Suris life. He feels as if he would lose the bond with her. But he would give up Scientology."
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