Too much self-confidence, How to control over narcissist

Too much self-confidence, How to control over narcissist

Too much self-confidence, How to control over narcissist

Narcissism. The narcissists may well flatter others and sometimes have a lot of charm, in the interaction, you can, however, also quickly exhausting. How can you use this weakness of narcissists and easier to deal with them? For narcissists counts only their own person. In a narcissistic personality is a so-called personality disorder. By this is meant that this trait is partly genetically co-determined, but is also produced in the early years of life. Narcissists want yourself always say about others and that's what makes it so difficult.

What is narcissism?
It is assumed that particularly parents who demand from their children a lot of power and failure to depreciate, but at the same time not enough to give the children security, promote the development of a narcissistic personality. In adolescence and adulthood, this pattern has then imprinted firmly in the individual patient; he seeks the attention and recognition of others, to feel vindicated.

It seems as though narcissists have a particularly high self-esteem, but that's not the case. Just because lacked the confirmation of the parents in childhood, they could not develop the feeling as a human being to be valuable in themselves. Therefore, the recognition of others is so important for narcissists; only if they have the impression, to be admired, they feel themselves valuable.

Why are narcissists sometimes so difficult?
Just because narcissists are looking for a lot of attention and want to confirm the interaction and communication is difficult with them. Sufferers raise their own qualities, achievements and skills particularly apparent, give willingly and treat others this condescending. Because they have difficulty opinions and recognize achievements of others. For narcissists include primarily what it concerns itself; that's why they let others not pronounce devalue other opinions and can be very difficult to convince them of anything. These features make sufferers to no pleasant interlocutors.

How you deal better with narcissists
Although narcissists are often stressful and you would perhaps go these people prefer out of the way, so this does not succeed in life generally. Because a narcissistic boss or an arrogant seminar leader, you can not easily evade. Just because narcissists to objections and other opinions quickly respond very angry and insulting, but it can be useful to do so, as you would not disagree. Listen to So even if it cooks the monologue of your counterpart, and in you and you would like to reply something, stay calm and give the other right.

You can deliberately exaggerate something even then. When a narcissist so criticized disorder, then you can answer "Yes, it's really messy, you're right, but not messy enough." On the one hand a humorous response, do not directly contradict and therefore provoke no direct confrontation, but bring your thoughts by the irony of the remark perfect way to express.

Suggest narcissists with its own weapons
Likewise, you can a narcissist who rudely ask to do something to trick so that you flatter him apparently, as with "You can certainly much better than me." or "You can but the best.". Which narcissist would love the opportunity, apparently to obtain admiration here let slip away? Ultimately, can also help conditioning; So reward positive and punish negative behavior. If your counterpart has therefore, for once listened to your opinion or could take a little criticism, then praise him for it (for example, "You have listened to me so great."). However, if that's not the case, then you do not express any criticism, but ignore what is being said, without commenting on it further. The desired attention remains from it.
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