Transsexual, Transgender & Co .: What these terms mean?

Transsexual, Transgender & Co .: What these terms mean?

Transsexual, Transgender & Co .: What these terms mean?
The White House has set with Raffi Freedman-Gurspan its first openly transsexual officer. And so follows the trend, open-minded to deal with this topic: Recently it has Kim Kardashian's father, Bruce Jenner, let umoperieren and is now called "Caitlyn" in the Netflix series "Orange Is the New Black" plays transgender icon Laverne Cox the role of stylist Sophia - and was nominated as the first transgender woman for an Emmy and Andrej Pejic is the most successful transgender model. But what do the terms transgender, transsexuality and Co. actually?

"Transsexuality" or "transsexual" means a person as defined by the WHO, "the desire to live as a member of the opposite sex and to be recognized". Often people therefore undergo a surgical or hormonal treatment in order to adapt the body to the specific identity of gender. Those who have medical or legal undergone gender reassignment, then denote often no more than "transsexual" but either as a "man with transsexual past" or a "woman with transsexual past" - or simply as a "man" or " Mrs".

As "Transgender" refers to people who are their gender role assigned to them at birth because of the external sexual characteristics, can not identify themselves. People the direction man-to-woman are called Trans woman people the direction female-to-man as Transmann. There are also transgender, who reject any form of gender assignment, while others claim to be the person identified gender, so as a "man" or "woman".

Increasingly, the term appears on intersexuality. For Hannah Winkler, author of "Fe-Male" is early firmly: "I was born in the wrong body". As a girl, trapped in the body of a boy, she fights for her right to be allowed to live as a woman. She explains in an interview with from 2014, which intersexuality means:.. "Most just think a boy wants to be like a girl or vice versa just But not everything is right, it is difficult because you by the Company is stigmatized. We will gladly thrown into the pot with "transgender" and "transsexual", which has nothing to do with me. The right word is "intersexuality", ie two sexes in one body. In the 1950s and 1960s it was proved that the brain coding behaves differently than the rest of the body. In intersexuality is really about physical deformities, which are marked before birth. But I had to use the term "transsexualism" in the book, because it is only understood by the Company ,

This term is independent of sexual orientation and thus occurs both among heterosexuals and among homosexuals. As "transvestism" refers to wearing clothes of the opposite sex as an expression of one's own gender identity. So men who wear women's clothes and women who wear men's clothes.
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