UDI U818A Great mini-drone with camera

UDI U818A Great mini-drone with camera

UDI U818A Great mini-drone with camera
UDI 818A Drone is an absolute bestsellers and evergreens of the drone manufacturer UDI. It combines stability and quality with good flight characteristics and has an excellent in this price segment camera. Reason enough to look at these mini-UAV closer and regulations represent such disadvantages.

Drone UDI U818A with camera
2.4GHz remote control
2 batteries (1x 500 mAh, 1x 600 mAh)
Mircro SD card with 2 GB capacity
USB adapter
CE certified sunglasses
Charger + Power Supply for Quadrocopter battery
4 replacement rotors for the UDI U818A

Who wants to buy a cheap mini-drone, is replaced with the UDI U818A what he needed: drone with camera, corresponding remote control and the necessary accessories, which allow a video recording during the flight. Praiseworthy is also here the supplied SD card on which photos are already stored during the flight, and can be transferred to the computer via the USB adapter from the UAV.

Camera UDI U818A: Sharp image with 1.2 megapixels
Since the UDI U818A has already drone via a permanently installed camera, any thoughts you need with respect to the mounting and adjustment to make. With a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels and 1.2 Megepixeln the quality is quite good, especially for a mini-drone under 100 euros. This can easily be so much video and aerial customize and thanks to the stable flight behavior of UDI U818A drone, indoor and outdoor flight document. By marking the "front and back" of the drone by white and red LEDs can be seen even at a great distance, where one with the UDI U818A flying quadricopter and so capture the optimal settings and motifs.

UDI U818A - RC UFO with extra battery and Camera - 3D Quadrocopter - drone, 2.4 GHz
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The mini-drone U818A: top performance for around 90 euros

The UDI U818A drone with its dimensions of 33.5 x 33.5 x 6 cm definitely a decent caliber for a "mini-drone". But the size is also an advantage: Due to the impact-resistant frame, the drone can so many flight error endure and rotors do not splinter at the first rendezvous with the wall. Nevertheless, it also occurs in experienced pilots that break rotors. Thanks to the 4 replacement rotors are included, but this is no problem. Quick replaced, the UDI U818A Quadrocopter can take off again after a short pit stop. By 6-axis gyro and a finely adjusted Flight Control, the UDI U818A mini drone can very stable and secure in the air holding and has not for nothing is the Galileo X-Mas drones check at 11:12:14 on Pro Sieben took first place. This is also shared by hundreds of Amazon customers: Here you get truly something for his money!

For beginners and experienced pilots there are 2 pre-flight modes, which differ in the drive. In Beginner mode commands are converted directly into fewer changes of direction, which has the advantage that error does not have to be hectic balanced and the UDI U818A drone reaches a higher age. If you have something flown and already gained experience with the UDI U818A mini-drone, can be changed to the more direct and sporty mode in which even flips are possible.

Batteries for the remote control of the UDI U818A
As usual, it must be pointed to the purchase of additional batteries even when the UDI U818A. The remote controller requires 4x 1.5V AA batteries that are not included for the operation. I refer here, as always, on the purchase of rechargeable batteries that protect the environment and your wallet and do not have to be discarded right after the 4th flight.

UDI U818A: 2 batteries included - is that enough?
After about 7-10 minutes, a battery is empty flown and must be recharged. This process takes a good 30 minutes and who wants to continue to fly at this time needs 1-2 additional batteries. For this reason, mini-drone should be retrofitted for the UDI U818A. Good news: A corresponding Quadrocopter battery costs only around 3 euros and by simultaneous flies and charging a non-stop pleasure.

The batteries supplied with the UDI U818A have 500 mAh and 600 mAh. Buyer of additional or new batteries should be careful to choose batteries with sufficient ampere. Compared to other mini-drones are 2 batteries supplied above average, the performance of these, however, only average.

Conclusion: UDI U818A is absolutely recommendable
With the mini-drone UDI U818A almost a classic was created, which now enjoys great popularity for a long time. Especially for beginners this quadricopter is ideal because it combines a stable flight with robustness and a high resolution camera. For a mini-drone under 100 Euro very respectable, well not in vain UDI leads to the Quadrocopter U829A this tradition continues.
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