Vodafone announces anticipated sale of Samsung Galaxy S6 plus edge

Vodafone announces anticipated sale of Samsung Galaxy S6 plus edge

Vodafone announces anticipated sale of the Samsung Galaxy S6 plus edge

Galaxy edge + s6 in Vodafone One. Vodafone not only just announced the prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + but puts it on sale, or rather, pre-sales at its online store where the 64GB model with a special price for customers is offered the operator of British origin. Then we all prices Vodafone offer.

Vodafone has announced it will start selling early edge Samsung Galaxy S6 + in its online store that also comes with the usual offer of 20% discount on the tariff chosen for 3 months. Also, during this promotion, users will benefit from free Power Bank battery with quick charge that was also shown in the display and has a value of 59.90 euros. Vodafone has been the exclusive Samsung Galaxy S6 + edge and golden color with capacity of 64 GB which can only be acquired with this operator, available to all rates at these prices:

For now, we just need the portability prices for 64 GB model which is what has the exclusive operator, although it seems that the 32 GB, which currently sells only free, also eventually sink in the catalog. Comparison with Orange, but only offers 32GB model at the moment. For now, only Orange has announced the prices that also offer this new terminal, but in his case, would have only the 32GB model in two variants, gold and blue, which have the following prices.

The orange operator can also get your offer of convergent rates, but given the recent changes that have been added fiber optics, time is not on his mobile shop (which itself did before). So far, we have the latest prices of the terminal with the Kangaroo rates. Begin, therefore, the race of the operators to position itself as the best proposal with one of the most anticipated end of the year. Now is whether Movistar and Yoigo will also offer this new device in September catalogs, although it seems that the first two have already cornered the exclusive, even temporarily, some of the variants.
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