Vodafone updates the HTC One and HTC One M8 with a security patch against Stagefright

Vodafone updates the HTC One and HTC One M8 with a security patch against Stagefright

Vodafone updates the HTC One and HTC One M8 with a security patch against Stagefright
HTC One M8 Safety smartphones. Maybe you forgot, but the danger is still present for most of the owners of Android devices. The threat remains Stagefright, the method by which they can hack your smartphone just send a media file using MMS. Fortunately, manufacturers and operators now begin to react with updates that neutralize the problem. Such is the case of Vodafone, which these days has begun to send an OTA update for its HTC One and HTC One M8 said patching security vulnerabilities.

In late July a security company detected which can be considered one of the biggest security holes in Google's platform, Android. According to the data offered, this would affect 95% of Android devices that circulate in the market. The volume is affected by itself indicative of the gravity of the situation. But no less important are the consequences that can yield evil known as Stagefright. And the automatic system Android that acts when receiving multimedia content through, for example; Hangouts; It stands as the perfect gateway to xploits they can steal any information from the affected device.

Stagefright on Android WhatsApp and also attacks by Telegram addition to MMS
Vodafone takes action against Stagefright. Not surprisingly, Google reacted immediately and put solution. However, the gear is more complex when transmitting security patches to other manufacturers and operators. Samsung, Motorola and LG, among others, have done the same. For operators, are they who have to compile the update to fit the devices marketed by it. In this case, Vodafone is one of the previously pronounced in Spain.

Update OTA against Stagefright
At least that appears on official forums, which reports on the availability of an OTA update for HTC One and HTC One M8. This is a security patch that does not affect the version of Android. While telecom clarifies that provides fixes and general improvements, the highlight of the renovation is the arrival of security updates to patch against Stagefright. Thus, Vodafone protects its customers, this time to those who have the latest models of HTC. By now we have news about the HTC One M9.

Check if your Android is 95% of those affected by the serious failure Stagefright
However, the company also reported that the same security fixes reach the Samsung Galaxy S5 to cover the mentioned bug. Updates for selected models should arrive during these days, so if the system warns you of the availability of an update, we recommend you force a check for updates for it to be detected, downloaded and then installed to be immune to Stagefright known as evil.
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