Warning! Dangerous Diet Pills

Warning! Dangerous Diet Pills

Warning; Dangerous Diet Pills
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Why you should rather leave of slimming makers in capsule form the finger. They promise us figure technically everything under the sun to help but in reality mostly as good as nothing. If they do not do any harm. We are talking about diet pills. But we take the alleged weightloss miracle even more closely. What are there? How they work? And what dangers lurk in them?

A basic distinction is between two large groups, says Dr. Christoph Baumgärtel, drug expert AGES: the nutritional and medicinal. The food supplements are mostly to vegetable products, which have no drug approval, are still under consideration by the authorities say neither their effectiveness to their safety. It is often difficult for consumers to identify whether the product is a dietary supplement or a drug.

Dietary supplements such as L-carnitine and guarana are obtained at the pharmacy as well as in a variety of shops. And the hundreds, they take on the slimming market but some 95 percent of sales a. And the same could be, according to the expert, as well safely without them. Because, as large-scale studies show dietary supplements have when it comes to losing weight usually virtually no effect.

Tested drugs authorities
Unlike dietary supplements are drugs are scientifically verified preparations. "Of them, there are very few on the market," said Baumgärtel. Xenical and Alli are two of them, based on one and the same active ingredient. The only difference is the dosage: During which manages a drug with half the amount of orlistat and prescription, the other contains the double dosage and a prescription.

Preparations as Xenical and Alli prevent fat absorption in the intestine. "You tie a portion of the fat that you take to be. So you separates the fat that the body should actually digest, again," says the dietician and health scientist Angelika Kirchmaier. This can unpleasant as well as dangerous. "Will to eat a lot of fat, it can happen that you have a bowel movement and it does not feel. In addition comes the fat when it is not digested in the large intestine. There, however, it has lost none." Sooner or later, so increases the risk of developing colon cancer. For a long-term therapy, such preparations are therefore totally unsuitable.

Hazardous fat binder
Last but not least the inclusion of necessary fat-soluble vitamins will be more difficult. It is the vitamin A - important for eyesight and skin - the so-called bone Vitamin D, the clotting vitamin K and vitamin E, which our bodies need for growth, to heal from injuries and cancer prevention. "Is it possible to absorb any more fat, then you can no longer absorb as well well as vitamins A, D, E and K," explains Kirchmaier.

Although the consumer takes with taking fat-binding drugs a lot of side effects in purchasing, he may not expect too much success. "Also, they are not a panacea," Baumgärtel points out. "Studies show that one takes only two to three kilos more after half a year than with a placebo." The weight loss is talking to a total of five, six kilograms so limited.

Approved new diet pill in the EU
In contrast, you could achieve much better results with the drug Reductil. The flipside of the coin: Reductil - actually an antidepressant, but here used as an appetite suppressant - favored hypertension and heart attack risk. It was taken off the market in the year of 2010. And as things look today? "Currently, there are three new world preparations, which have been all approved in the US. Only one of them also has the approval hurdle in the EU happened," said Baumgärtel.

Mysimba, so is the new drug, based on a combination of drugs bupropion and naltrexone. And even here the success is kept within limits: The experimental group increased significantly compared to those given a placebo, only five to six kilos more from. And within 56 weeks, so a little over a year. Apart from Mysimba is not entirely harmless: "The active ingredient bupropion is actually an antidepressant naltrexone in turn enhance and prolong the effect of bupropion." Said Baumgärtel.

Not less dangerous: dehydrator
Not less dangerous are water pills. "You mean that you lose water, but not a gram of fat," explains Kirchmaier. "If one wants to reduce its weight, but you need to build muscle. A kilo of muscle mass, in turn, binds about four liters of water." In other words: Who wants to lose weight, water needs. In addition: "If you lose too much water, which can potentially lethal at worst, for every human being.."

Apart from that, so Kirchmaier, so does the concentration drastically. Thus, a study showed that the performance, when the body has only five per cent too little fluid, the same is reduced by 20 to 50 percent, which in turn increases the number of accidents as in traffic or during sports. For these reasons, the confirmed Baumgärtel water pills to lose weight are entirely unsuitable. Because "none of these drugs has for such misuse authorization", said the expert.

Danger from the Internet
So it seems advisable to stay away from such products. If one wants to alleged slimming products in capsule form dispense not yet, they should be - as they are online orders - only order in legal, officially approved Internet pharmacies. Otherwise there is a danger of falling on illegal drugs. And that can not only dangerous, but also quite expensive are: loud Baumgärtel threatens a fine of up to 7,200 euros if you order a product that is forbidden to us.
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