What moves the world now?

What moves the world now?

What moves the world now?
Refugees from Syria are in Serbia on the roads - © Picture: REUTERS / Marko Djurica
The end of August, some important events, the Austrians and the world is moving: From the refugee problem in the EU, on the election campaigns in Vienna and Upper Austria through to early school start - News.at informs you about the most important issues for the last few days of excitement have made and on events that will occupy us this month and in early September even.

1. The EU will be able to solve the refugee problem?
The EU has still not become the refugee problem Thousands of refugees flowing daily into the European Union. Among other beats Austria has long been a mandatory distribution of refugees within the EU - so far in vain. For many EU countries, like the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic States, provide transversely. On Monday, German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande, the EU exhorts members to comply with the right of asylum - which primarily affects the registration of the incoming refugees. For countries at the external borders, such as Italy and Greece, to register due to the enormous rush, not all refugees and press like once a blind eye when asylum seekers prefer to travel further to Northern Europe. No wonder, because with the growing number of refugees, the countries where the refugees first arrive, allowed by the EU are down. A fair distribution does not exist so far.

Due to the current situation wobbles also pass the free and little controlled Schengen system: Hollande therefore pleaded for a common asylum system. Whether can be so easily implement this proposal remains to be seen. In the meantime, every day new refugees arrive in the EU. After the reopening of the Greek-Macedonian border, however, the refugee sand rank in the Balkans has increased dramatically.

2. Ferienende for Government
On Tuesday, the first Council of Ministers has taken place after the summer break: Again mainly revolved around the issue of asylum. About 500 soldiers of the Austrian Armed Forces should continue to support the Task Force on asylum. This applies in particular to transport and the establishment of care facilities. A possible limiting use has not been ruled out Klug.

3. Elections: How to convince parties
The election campaign in Vienna and Upper Austria has begun: The first poster waves are out. While the Vienna Neos open about their campaign to attack the SPÖ, says the Viennese SPÖ rather to the existing problems under their government. The Blue fall this year by less creativity, but make it with the slogan "Vienna Häupl exchanged against HC Strache" clear statements. The Greens presented on Tuesday its Vienna-election posters and put on the slogan: "Uncomfortable, but acts".

In Upper Austria the FPÖ hopes that the poster saying "Because he understands us!" enough voters attracts. The Greens denounce in Upper Austria to the poison and corporations advertise their 365-Euro-annual pass. The Upper Austrian SPÖ content with "uncompromising social", while the ÖVP argues for "holding together in difficult times". The Neos want to move into the Upper Austrian parliament and "clean up" there.

4. Rapid - No Champions League miracle
The Dream of the football Champions League has dreamed for Rapid. Despite the 0: 1 defeat by FC Shakhtar Donetsk Hütteldorfer have on Tuesday night hoping the return match on a miracle that has not occurred. The 2: 2 was not enough. Rapid has thus missed the third Champions League participation in the club history.

5. School starts again
The summer holidays are coming to an end, soon the school will start again. According to experts of the University of Graz, the long holiday effect is not ideal from the learning effect of students: spelling and arithmetic would under the break. The gap bring the students after a few weeks again.

Neuland is the school for all Taferlklassler. Thousands pupils start this year for the first time the new school year. News are in its latest issue on Saturday in the large school Special Tips for starting school.

6. animal experiments after explosion in Tianjin
After the explosion of a dangerous camp in the Chinese city of Tianjin, the authorities are under pressure. To show that the pose with flown in the air highly toxic chemicals present no health risk, must now serve animals as test subjects. Chickens, rabbits and pigeons have been exposed in cages at the crash site. The animals are to their survival by appeasing and prove that the explosion does not adversely affect the residents of Tianjin. Chinese users and animal rights activists have been outraged by the abuse of animals. Health consequences would also only become apparent in the longer term, is an argument of the critics.

7. US gearing up against Putin
Obama sends Putin clear signs - in the form of F-22 fighter jets. In order to send the United States its most modern combat aircraft in Europe. When the jets are delivered and where they are stationed, is still unclear. The Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, Mark Welsh, wants the fighters in any case sent to strategic points, so the Jets may come quickly for use in a possible military conflict in Europe.

8. Motorsport: Tragic death
Mourning for the 37-year old Briton Justin Wilson: The former Formula 1 driver had at an IndyCar race at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania a serious accident. Wreckage of a crashed car in front of him flew the 37-year-olds to the head. On the night of Tuesday, he has succumbed to his severe head injuries.

9. "One Direction" take a break
For fans of the boy band "One Direction" are the terrible news: The musicians want the British-Irish group want to take a break. From separation "One Direction", however, want to know anything yet. Fans can therefore at least a little breathe. The singer Niall Horan writes on Twitter: "There are a lot of rumors We do not separate, but we take sometime next year, a well-deserved break.."

10. North and South Korea are again united
After the saber rattling between the two Koreas, the situation has now relaxed again: While Pyongyang in recent provocations - such as the explosion of landmines in the border area - has been repentant, Seoul has the loudspeaker announcements at the border, the North Korea to were heard, off. The peaceful solution could be reached after a three-day marathon negotiations. As long as the situation remains relaxed, remains to be seen.
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