Why women get over easily after Breakup?

Why women get over easily after Breakup?

Why women get over easily after Breakup?
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While they feel more pain than men. That more women than men react very emotionally to a separation, is not necessarily surprising. But scientists have now people from 96 different countries studying to find out how different they are to deal with a relationship off. It has come out that although women feel more pain than their male comrades, but can finish fast with the partnership.

Women go through various stages of anger through to anxiety, while men can fall into deep depression as they try to come to terms with what has happened.

Let out or lock up feelings?
Immediately after the end of relationships are women more prone to put on weight or to get sleep. Yet it is the women's easier to take out and to look forward. Men carry the bitterness over the failure of the relationship much longer in itself as their fellow sufferers, even (or perhaps because) if they bury their feelings deep inside himself. The male response is much more destructive than the way the women take. Women sit with their feelings apart and reflect, and therefore the hearts of the men remain attached longer.

A good social network can help
Researchers at Binghamton University in New York attribute this to the natural disposition of the sexes. According to which women would have "more to lose" if they get involved with the wrong person - especially if they want to start a family. What explains why a good social network and family women is particularly important - they are the first to whom women turn to in order to find solace. Men dig more at home and fall into a depression. The "I'm over it" -Aha effect they experience not usually like women and it may take months or even years until they get over the relationship off.

What else helps
If you have just brought a painful relationship behind him, one does good is thus to focus on positive things that support a the healing process. To make sport or to go out in nature and people, is a good way to channel his energy and feelings. Take healthy, nutritious diet for yourself and try it with meditation, a weekend getaway with friends or a walk which will take you to other thoughts.
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