Xiaomi Mi box 4c reveals almost of all its secrets

Xiaomi Mi box 4c reveals almost of all its secrets

Xiaomi Mi box 4c reveals almost of all its secrets

Xiaomi Mi box 4c. The renewal of the Xiaomi Mi 4 Mi shaped 4c is about to hit the market. It is a movement somewhat "conservative" of the company previously known for his courage now merely draw variant after variant of the same model. Nevertheless, as each of the products of the company, it is something that many users expect with enough excitement and now we have a picture of the box reveals many of its secrets as the processor or the USB connector to carry.

This Xiaomi Mi 4c, despite being a version of the current model's enough to keep giving headaches to "traditional" manufacturers updated. And in this last image which has been the team, or rather from its packaging, you can see some of the features to be offered.

These include the presence of a Snapdragon 808 processor, the same as the LG G4 has a hexacore reaching 1.8 Ghz but in the Korean phone has shown a performance that has revealed another with a "pedigree" supposedly more important. We also see another detail is confirmed, and the presence of a USB Type-C, the new standard for battery charging and data transmission which, among other things, serves to power in both directions, so this Xiaomi Mi 4c is at the same time, an external battery for other devices. In addition, this new interface allows a transmission speed of much larger data.

Xiaomi Mi4c box specifications
Filtration allows us also know that will LTE connectivity, 13 megapixel camera and a front 5-megapixel plus a battery of 3,000 to 3080 mAh, a difference that we do not know what should be, plus 16 GB of internal storage no microSD card to expand.

These features, and presence of Snapdragon Snapdragon 808 against 615 is a good example, make this my place 4c several steps ahead of the previous version of the Chinese terminal, the Mi 4i that appeared a few months ago.

Xiaomi Mi 4i at a groundbreaking price: 210 euros with free shipping
Moreover, it is also the first time we see a Xiaomi USB Type-C, we thought it would honor the Xiaomi E5. Also expected to arrive with a 5-inch full HD as well as many bets having no microSD, also be a 32GB version. Finally, the price is estimated to be around around 1,299 yuan, to change are about 180 euros.
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