9 habits that can make a bad relationship will good

9 habits that can make a bad relationship will good

9 habits that can make a bad relationship will good
Sometimes you get the feeling, all relationships rippling same (bad) then. Nagging, disgruntled faces and in between times some nice bright spots. Is that really all? But then there are also couples who have apparently not the luckiest one for themselves. The question arises, what these do differently. It often turns out: not so much! Most of them are just little habits that can have a tremendous effect. Therefore, these 9 things you should learn from happy couples.

1. The rituals
Let's face it though: the banal everyday life can be bleak and has more relationships on his conscience, as one wants to admit. Therefore, happy couples have little rituals that connect them and tear from daily monotony. Important: There must be something that both enjoy. This may be that he in the evening on the couch on her feet. Or that they daily a song of the day sends him that captures the collective mood.

2. Familiarize yourself
Decreasing attention is a huge problem in long-term relationships. Who at home no confirmation given, is more susceptible to overtures from the outside. Therefore happy Elten association never go out the compliments for each other. Indispensable: you mean what you say, really honest! And you speak it out loud.

3. The gratitude
She makes every day dinner and he takes the for granted? This is inevitable frustration. Happy partners show each other their gratitude - especially with things that are commonplace and happen automatically.

4. Spoil each other
Many couples live in a constant exchange of blows. He has not done this and that / said / respected, so they responded - and vice versa. A vicious circle. It is better to respond to less negative and more on positive things. She makes him happy, he wants to return the favor - and vice versa! The result is a beautiful circuit, on which you should get involved.

5. The Open mind
It is inconceivable how many couples only then attack after countless years together, if need be, or when, once again sex is on schedule. What a relationship killer! Satisfied couples do it differently. So They hug before you go to work! Keep a few minutes (or an entire movie long) holding hands on sofa. Or grab your partner before going to sleep at her lovingly. The main thing, do it consciously and with an open mind.

6. Your talk
Talking is not the same speeches. You can have the whole day your mouth open and yet convey nothing. In satisfactory relationships, the partners have something to say - and listen to the others really. This is not about getting attention continuously. Some minutes spent in a hectic everyday life with children and jobs from already, to share in the thoughts of others and to feel understood. Many couples take for deliberately time - about by going along with the dog for a walk and use this time to discuss undisturbed.

7. Happy to see the other
Never forget that your partner is not your soul dustbin. And he should not be a man who happened to be in the same apartment as she lives. Happy couples are happy when the other enters the room. This may sound unrealistic? Try it out! Radiate to your sweetheart or your loved one, if you look around. Although it initially may seem somewhat artificial - Couple therapists swear by it. This habit can put a tremendous positive momentum going.

8. Send messages
It's just a little thing - but a SMS or WhatsApp message is actually getting out and can effortlessly nearby or pleasure trigger. A honestly meant touching, an image of a past holiday, or just a fun fun photo of an arduous day. The main thing is you interact with each other easily in touch and briefly interrupt everyday life.

9. The kiss
Can you still remember the beginning of your relationship? How exciting it was to kiss the other? Sometime this is wonderful way to show his love, totally banal and casual. Not so with happy couples! Do not listen to kiss properly in coming. Do not worry, we're not talking about dramatic kiss at every opportunity. But who can not be degenerated into petty kisses kisses, lays the foundation for a loving life, which makes you happy in the long run.
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