Chromecast 2 with new features later this month

Chromecast 2 with new features later this month

Chromecast 2 with new features later this month

Chromecast devices is one of the best sellers of Google in recent years. It is logical, because its price was much lower than that of the Nexus phones and tablets, and its function was similar to that of more expensive devices such as the Apple TV .Now, a second version of this device , could be launched later this month.Chromecast 2 will come with new features.

Best connectivity

When one uses Chromecast is to connect a host device, a smartphone, tablet, or computer to the television. Of course, what one expects is that the connection is as fast as possible, and does not require any configuration. Something is achieved with theApple TV , and as much as Google has tried the same thing happens with Chromecast , the truth is that the latter device is much more unstable. The fact compatible devices are many more than the Apple TV complicates the optimization of the same. However, Chromecast 2 will come with WiFi connectivity enhancements to avoid any connection problems. At least it will get better as far as connectivity is concerned.

New design

In addition, Chromecast 2 will come with a different design. Not that the design of this device is very important, because in the end is connected to the television, but they seem less to a USB memory. It seems to be smaller, and the objective could be to turn it into a portable device. In any case, it would not be a device designed to be connected to the TV only, something that would fit much with the new function to be discussed below.

Audio Chromecast

One of the great innovations of Chromecast 2 would be made ​​to integrate a new feature in which the device would be useful not only to connect to the television and send the image of our tablet, mobile phone or computer, but could also be connected directly a stereo, and can send audio from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Even before you could connect Chromecast television, and this to a stereo, but neither is it best when we just want to listen to music, or the quality is so high. In this case, it seems that Chromecast 2 would also include the possibility of establishing a high-quality audio. It would connect to computers via an audio jack connection.

Launching later this month

Chromecast 2 would be launched later this month. Specifically, come September 29, the same day that the two new phones from Google is submitted, the 5X LG Nexus and Nexus Huawei. Its price is not clear, but it seems to continue to be very economical.

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