Find out here if your phone is compatible with Samsung Gear S2

Find out here if your phone is compatible with Samsung Gear S2

Find out here if your phone is compatible with the Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2. The Samsung Gear S2 official, but for use with your mobile phone need to fulfill some requirements. Well, Samsung has published a list of some of the devices that supports your new watch later so that there are no problems with users who opt for it and finally the terminal is not capable of running with the SmartWatch.

In the very presentation of the Samsung Gear S2, the company said the device was compatible with most terminals although this should have a minimum number of characteristics that meet. These are, firstly, to have Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and secondly, integrating a 1.5 GB RAM-are two requirements that leave out many of the low-end terminals, but gradually these are beginning to integrate 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM-. The fact is that despite meeting these requirements, not all Android are able to "get along" with the Samsung Gear S2, so eventually the South Koreans have published a list of all non-compatible smartphones.

The list is as follows, although as you can see, beside each name an acronym corresponding to the region where the model supports are. In the case of Europe, the acronym is EU.


Zenfone2 - EU

One - EU
One (M8) - US
One (M9) - EU, US
826W - CN

4X honor - CN
honor 6 - EU
P8 - EU, CN
Ascend Mate 7 - EU, CN

Duraforce - US

Vide Shot - CN
Pro x2 - CN

G Flex - US
Optimus G - KR
Optimus G2 - EU, US
Optimus G3 - EU, US, KR
G4 - EU, US, KR
G Vista - US
Nexus 5 - EU, KR, CN

DROID Turbo - US
Moto X - EU, KR
Nexus 6 - US, CN

Nubia Z9 - CN

R7 - CN

IM-A910S - KR

Aquos - EU


Pro X5 - CN

Mi3 - EU
E4 - EU, KR, CN
Note Pro - CN

V5 - CN

As you can see, the truth is that there are quite interesting phones that are not compatible with the Samsung Gear S2, both in its standard version as Classic, designed more elegantly. However, it is also true that Samsung will be gradually removed from the list those terminals that are finally being compatible with its clock with Tizen, so the list is obviously not final.

Find out here if your phone is compatible with the Samsung Gear S2

Clock synchronization and Samsung smartphone
For those who do not know it, the Gear S2 has two 3G and Bluetooth versions and a unique feature: a sliding to interact with applications and menu Crown. It features a 1.2 inch 320 x 320 pixel resolution and a 3250 Exynos processor in the case of Bluetooth and the 3G model MSM8x26, both accompanied by 512 MB of RAM, NFC and WiFi. Finally, the battery is 250 mAh or 300 mAh depending on the version and are waterproof thanks to IP68 certification with prices of 349 and 399 euros.
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