Google mobile applications begin to change the icon design

Google mobile applications begin to change the icon design

Google mobile applications begin to change the icon design
Google update. Google announced this afternoon that changed the design of its logo. A variation on the font used and minor modifications to simplify the graphic that identifies the Internet. A few hours after these changes are already visible on mobile platforms where these hours can already see the redesign of the application icons as Google Search, Google Now, Google Plus and Google Maps, among others.

In recent months Google has faced a number of significant changes that have transformed many aspects of the company. The most notable came last week with the announcement of the upgrade of the corporate structure of the company. Google renamed Alphabet passed, though the division will continue to lead the search engine business section dedicated to the exploitation of Internet-related services. As part of that upgrade, restructure and adapt the company to changing times, the Internet giant materialized a small but subtle change again this afternoon. A logo redesigned to bring the simplicity and quality of its brand image.
Logo redesign Google on mobile

Google becomes Alphabet, the holding company that will include all projects finder

The changes reach the mobile platform
The first changes were visible in the desktop version. The web browser was the first informer who warned us that the changes would be immediate. The search engine icon and renewed looked letters in the same homepage. However, this change has also come to the mobile platforms, especially and faster than the own search engine, Android. In fact, at this time it is possible to realize the Google makeover and all related apps big G. Indeed, the main icons that represent the most remarkable services from the apps already show the new look, just as we show in the different catches.
New appearance of the icon of Google Apps

New look for icons and browser apps by Google
At first glance we can see how icons of the search engine-Google Search-, translators, maps, social network Google Plus, Google News (although the service is not available in Spain) or Google Now and show the new look chosen by the company. The dominant feature is a large G and colors that have characterized both the logo of Google during his more than 15-year history. Similarly, the mobile version of the browser, as well as smart cards section launcher also show the new logo of the technology firm.
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