Lenovo in the thick of pre-installed by a suspicious program in their products

Lenovo in the thick of pre-installed by a suspicious program in their products

Lenovo in the thick of pre-installed by a suspicious program in their products

The known manufacturer of computers and electronic devices Lenovo has reawakened distrust in the computing community after a technology expert Computerworld magazine denounced the company that distributes equipment installed by default bring a program to spy features.

Michael Horowitz reported in an article in Computerworld magazine, while reviewing a laptop Lenovo had just bought, discovered a program called "Lenovo Customer Feedback Program 64" (Customer Feedback Program) which is installed by default on your computer and runs every day.

The program runs as Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.Agent.exe and its description in the Task Manager indicates that the "data goes Program Customer Feedback Lenovo servers". However, Horowitz says he was never asked permission to share your information with Lenovo, which seemed suspicious and encouraged him to continue investigating.

The program is stored in a folder of Lenovo in the file system, where there is also a program called Omniture Site Catalyst, which runs as Lenovo.TVT.CustomerFeedback.OmnitureSiteCatalyst.dll.

A simple search on the internet indicates that SiteCatalyst is a web analysis tool developed by Omniture, a company marketing and web analytics that collects information on the activity of users on the network to make offers related to their needs and interests.

On his Web site technical assistance, Lenovo warns that their products may include programs that communicate with Internet servers. Among these programs, specifically mentions the Customer Feedback Agent. However, Horowitz criticized the company for hiding this information into the depths of the license agreement rather than make it more obvious, and for not giving enough information on how to disable these programs.

The company says it can cancel the program activity "Settings", but Horowitz failed to find out where this is located. So what he did was disable the task in the Task Manager and rename the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Lenovo, where the program is stored.

This is not the first time this year that Lenovo is criticized for the programs pre-installed on their computers. In February, security researchers discovered an adware program called Superfish Visual Discovery, which not only inserted advertisements on user browsers, also endangered because their equipment had major security vulnerabilities.

A few months later, in August, the company was at the center of another scandal when it was discovered that one of the programs included in their equipment was riddled with vulnerabilities and allowed third parties to install software without authorization.
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