MikanixX Spirit X006, Good mini-drone for 40 euros

MikanixX Spirit X006, Good mini-drone for 40 euros

MikanixX Spirit X006, Good mini-drone for 40 euros
Mikanixx-spirit-X006 drone. Are you looking for a low-cost mini-drone to 50 Euro you can choose between a variety of models of different drone manufacturers. The Spirit of MikanixX X006 is one of the most rewarding Quadrocopter in miniature. Thanks to well-coordinated flight modes, looping function and attractive flight characteristics worth taking a look into the details!
With regard to the scope of delivery one is X006 drone for about 40 euros supplied pretty neat when MikanixX Spirit, said to expect no miracle for this price. Nevertheless, everything is taken care, the drone system is supplied ready to fly - so it can go out of the box! However, one should consider when buying to buy the missing batteries for the remote control. Requires 6 AA batteries are for this.

With the MikanixX Spirit X006 UAV can fly for good seven minutes to realize. Thus it is in the good average of these micro-drones to 50 euros. However, since about 40 minutes estimated to recharge a battery again, you should already make provisions when ordering the Spirit X006 and set equal to 2-3 additional Quadrocopter batteries. These are not expensive, around 3-4 euros incurred per battery, which you may also like to order more than the supplied 240 mAh. With the supplied USB cable you can then using a notebook or tablet anytime and mobile recharge your battery the X006 Spirit and fly parallel.

Suitable Spirit X006 Quadrocopter for beginners
Mikanixx-spirit-X006 Remote Control-supplied drones Comparison thanks to the three flight modes this small Quadrocopter is very well suited for beginners. Optionally, you can admire the MikanixX Spirit X006 in beginner, advanced or professional mode fly, the respective settings to compensate for smaller airports error or support a more direct, more sporting way of flying. In addition, the automatic looping function of the Spirit X006 can be used that is easily activated by pressing a button on the remote control. More fun is not possible!

Robust construction of the Spirit drone many a minor crash
Despite the low price the MikanixX Spirit waits for X006 drone with a neat robustness. Smaller crashes in bushes or against walls are well tucked away, which is why the Spirit X006 is suitable for both indoor and drone outdoor flights. Nevertheless, one should be careful outside the four walls: with dimensions of 7 x 3 x 7 cm and weighing from a few grams of the Spirit is X006 Quadrocopter very susceptible to wind, while also the built-in 6-axis gyro has to oppose not too much.
MikanixX Spirit X006, Good mini-drone for 40 euros

MikanixX Spirit X006 drone - 2,4Ghz Quadrocopter 6-axis technology 3D for beginners and professionals RC Helicopter / quadricopter
Price: EUR 34,95
4.3 of 5 stars (61 customer reviews)
1 used & new available from EUR 34,95
Conclusion: Spirit X006 worthwhile to buy
Mini Drone Spirit X006
2.4GHz remote control
3.7V 240 mAh battery drones
USB charging cable

Overall, the X006 MikanixX Spirit convinces with its high level of beginner friendly performance. The various flight modes fall equally positive effect on how the robust construction. To complain about, however, is that neither accompanied nor spare rotors battery pack. These would have to be ordered separately. However, all in all, the Spirit MikanixX X006 a compelling mini-drone for about 40 euros and is reflected well in comparison to the best entry-level drones.
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