The concerns of young people

The concerns of young people

The concerns of young people
Cost of living, job situation, but not affordable housing. Young people make up the biggest worry about the cost of living, the difficult job situation, but also because probably not affordable dwellings. That says a new study commissioned by Donau Versicherung, in which the views were 15- to 25-year-olds compared with those of older people. For financial future, boy more concerned than parents / grandparents accept.

"Confident", being able to afford in the future life after their performances to 66 percent of young people showed - and 65 percent of older people trust them too. 85 percent of young people are also responsible for mastering the start in life; but only 44 percent of older people here see their children / grandchildren's responsibility. 71 percent of boys believe to achieve an even higher standard of living of their parents or; This inexpensive them the elders but only to 53 percent.

Housing and private pensions has more importance than for older people, but not the Building Societies for Young. The classic passbook everything is balanced - 50 percent of adolescents and 48 percent of parents or grandparents speak it a top priority in terms of prevention. When it comes to living it is however already 46 to 35, similar to the case of life insurance and pension funds, including boys, 25 percent stronger encouragement comes as parents / grandparents (14 percent). Building Societies says older (38 percent) more than the boys (24 percent).

Awareness of pension provision
Let the awareness of the need of the pension plans in adolescents significantly more pronounced (21 percent) than with parents / grandparents for their children (7 percent), said on Wednesday Danube General Director Elisabeth Stadler in a press briefing. The results of the study in 2015 were important generational indicators for counseling requirements and the precautionary deal, so Stadler.

6 out of 10 young people - exactly 58 per cent of respondents - make claims to financially before - with an average of 176 euros per month; 32 percent do not worry, 10 percent did not comment. Two-thirds of parents / grandparents care for their children with an average of 126 euros a month ago. Thus, the young people are investing around 40 percent more than the parents / grandparents.

Education is at the top
When it comes to current objectives for the future, there are good training for both young (40 percent) as well as for parents / grandparents (27 percent) at the top. One work or a more secure and well-paid job has the second highest priority (25 percent among young people, in the older 26 percent).

When asked what are the biggest challenges to achieving the objectives, teenagers say primarily: to find financially be about (36 percent) and work (33 percent). Job search and the current unemployment see also parents / grandparents (41 percent) as a high-level topic.

The representative by gender, age, education and state online survey was the end of June / beginning of July conducted by a web survey. In between the sample had a total of 1,500 people, of whom 500 are aged between 15 to 25 and 1,000 over-26-year-old with children (parents / grandparents). On average, the interviews lasted 15 minutes; the response rate was lower among boys (46 percent) than in the older ones (51 percent).
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