The Horror of Job Experiences

The Horror of Job Experiences

The Horror of Job Experiences
Worse It's always: everyday stories from the world of work who have what it takes. Crummy working? Stressful Job? Then you might comfort the bad experiences of other workers, for their work has become a hell on earth. In the question and answer of a portal "Quora" several users described their worst and most frustrating experiences in the workplace:

Punchingball for bankers
A woman talks about her experience as a worker in an investment bank in the United Kingdom: On the first day it was said that if a banker you should yell ever to take his frustrations to get rid of, then hold kindly mouth and bear it, the woman describes her situation , They further reported that they. On a working day on which she has worked until after midnight, someone had informed rushed from the bank that the desired deadline can not be met "He's just standing there and yelled at me. Others have watched, but said nothing," says the user. They had then simply turned and had gone because they knew that it would not have been worthwhile to argue with the Schreier. She was reprimanded that it was not professional enough to stay there and to let go cry through later.

Death threats
Another interested party talks about his work as a manager in a retail company in the USA. He had been commissioned to bring a rundown office in Ohio back on its feet and did not reckon with the resistance of the staff. He had been bullied by the staff almost every week. "I found three different Drohzettel on my car; in all three I have been insulted as fagot," he says. Once he had even received a death threat. They had his car scratched with a key. And he had been offered a sex change. "There I gained 22 kg during my working hours. With my relationship it has gone downhill. I hated my life. I hated my job," says the manager.

Then, he has nevertheless pulled through and cleaned up in the store his mission. Today, however, he is no longer working in the retail industry and is happy with his current job situation as a personnel manager.

Horror Internship
For the Americans Dave was an intern in a department store, which is now orphaned, his worst work experience - and that at the age of only 15 years. His shift to go from 12.00 noon to 21.00 clock clock in the evening. At the end it became a 18-hour horror working: At 18.00 clock Dave should start together with his colleagues with the inventory, from 21.00 clock it was, then an outside company to take over the bulk of the work, so that Dave can go home. As the student begins with the inventory, experienced workers that now but no other company has been helping out. You would have to cope with the workload alone, but should not have to worry, because it would go fast and for food was taken care of.

Time passes and Dave wants to inform his parents, but the phones are not working. It is 22.00 clock, it's midnight and still work all, but most are already clearly upset, and only about a quarter of the inventory is managed. At 1.00 clock in the morning, it is sufficient to employees first final and they want to go home, but note here that all the doors of the building are locked. So will continue working to 5:00 clock in the morning, at last, the inventory is managed. An hour later, the doors of the department store will be reopened.

Later would have turned out that the phones have been intentionally turned off and the company, which should help out was, did not come because it was not paid. It should therefore have been a set-up, Dave finished his incredible experience.

Shabby call center
For a bakery to work at first sounds quite pleasant, but not for music therapist Julie. She has worked for some time in a call center of a trendy bakery in Philadelphia and there gathered a very bad experience. A tiny room, fluorescent light and dirty walls represented the workplace, so Julie. They worked there together with two other colleagues. Your boss called Ed had his staff constantly angebaggert - if he has not just yelled at because they have come back a minute late of the 20-minute lunch break. The job itself consisted in to leave yell all day from angry customer on the phone. Eventually it had then given her and she was just not show up for work. From her boss she had never heard from again.

Working at minus 37 degrees
Some workers do not have to contend with nasty colleagues or bosses choleric, but with an inhospitable work environment. As a retired aircraft mechanic of the US Air Force, who tells of his toughest job: He had to work minus 37 degrees Celsius outdoors in Michigan in winter at temperatures around. Around 60 percent of his work had to be done outdoors, so the aircraft mechanic. "Sometimes I have done with my bare hands repairs to the aircraft," he says. And that at very low temperatures. He suffered through his job frostbite on hands and feet. Even today, he had to suffer the health consequences of this work: As soon as the temperatures drop below 4 degrees, would his fingers and toes start to hurt, he tells. His hearing had been damaged despite hearing protection by the noise of aircraft. Nevertheless, he was glad "in the land of polar bears - an exaggeration, but we had their kind of weather. To have served"
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