The rear of the Xiaomi Mi Edge Copy Galaxy S6 Edge?

The rear of the Xiaomi Mi Edge Copy Galaxy S6 Edge?

The rear of the Xiaomi Mi Edge Copy Galaxy S6 Edge?

The Xiaomi Mi Edge. Just a week ago appeared an image where you could see the apparent design of the curve screen Xiaomi Mi Edge. A model that, by design, is clearly focused on its rival Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, as shows a new image, would have a very similar design line. And the leak of a photo of the back of the machine indicates a suspiciously almost the same as the smartphone of Samsung ways.

Did after the creation of the first concept phablet Galaxy Note and Samsung seems this time again become center of inspiration for smartphones with curved screen bezels. South Koreans tested with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, later launched fully with this bet to give life to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The reaffirmation of the trust of the brand in this new concept of smartphone came with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

The Xiaomi Mi Edge takes shape
After the incursion of Samsung in the smartphone market with its curved bezel and the warm welcome received from users, other brands seem willing to achieve success with the manufacture of equipment designed based on the concept created by Samsung. One of the first companies of which we are aware is Xiaomi, as we began to indicate the first rumors behind a name, Xiaomi Arch. However leaks around this project has begun to accelerate and recently appeared a render where you could see the image of this conceptual Arch Xiaomi who began to call Xiaomi My Edge. In that instant recreated by computer you could see a smartphone with curved screen on both sides, just as the Samsung Galaxy S6 looks Edge.

Very similar features to the Galaxy S6 Edge
Now a new filtration us uncover the alleged back of this Xiaomi Mi Edge, which records the resemblance could have this Chinese model with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. And it is that just as the South Korean model, the Xiaomi Mi Edge would look a rear part with rounded sides and frame made of metal (aluminum surely). Also, the bright surface finish makes us suspect that will be topped with glass so again brings to mind the design of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Xiaomi Edge in black
Other aesthetic and technical details to be seen in the picture refers to the introduction of a stereo sound system with two built-in speakers on the bottom, next to the cargo terminal connection. In this regard it is noted that the image-C denotes a USB interface. Similarly, the main chamber would go located in the upper left accompanied by a dual LED flash, possibly with Dual Tone.

In terms of technical features associated with this Xiaomi Mi Edge, by the time the leaks speak of a smartphone with 5.2 inch QHD screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 3 to 4 GB of RAM and Android Lollipop operating system GUI MIUI July.
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