Web based email marketing

Web based email marketing

Web based email marketing
Web based email marketing - Why does not my email marketing? Sure you've been asked this question a lot of times, right? As most of the time, the reason that email marketing does not work is not what many think: small subscriber list, a bad tool, filters anti spam , etc. The biggest problem is usually that your emails do not arouse interest . Let me explain,

The old advertising in email marketing does not work. From this and you may have noticed yourself lose interest because the ads forever, right? You bored as an oyster because they are always the same and do nothing interesting. As with email marketing you can  spend three quarters of the same . The only thing that has changed is that the media in the coming marketing campaigns is the email, but if the message is just as boring.

Email bored...
So I'll give you a few tips in 2 easy steps through which passes an email or email marketing campaign:

1. The subject of the email: why should open it?
This is the first question to ask yourself in the first stage, ie, when the subscriber has received the email in your inbox. Seriously, ask yourself why you should open it. Not everyone does, and I do not know about you, but I often delete the emails just seeing the matter.

I'll make some anthropologist (and forgive me anthropologists who read this.); the reality of being human is that we move needs, reason and feelings: joy, sadness, fear, social acceptance, love, rejection, etc. So your email has to be more "human" and more empathetic to the subscriber, understand their motivation  or arouse their curiosity:

Subject of email in Web based email marketing
See if these aspects are important, many filters marked as spam  e-less "human" in the subject already indicated offers, discounts or phrases like " buy it now "Hit With Brick

2. The content of the email: why should I accept it?
And this is the second great question to ask yourself at the second stage, ie when the subscriber has opened the email and read it. In fact, you've got to pass the 2nd stage is already an achievement , now do not waste it!

Web based email marketing
Okay, that the subscriber has opened the email does not mean that now do not have to continue with the expectations that you have created in the email subject. In fact this is a serious mistake, because you can not, but I feel I stink I "cheat" and have made ​​me open an email for one reason and then a lie.
Email content Be honest, explain why you are writing this email and why you think it really help to whoever is reading. Keep the "humanity" of the email that had begun in the matter and understand the reason why the subscriber could get to click on your link or your offer.

If you still have not, change the chip in your emails. Forget about using email marketing to find only the sale or look in the navel and advertise yourself constantly. What is the subscriber wants you to tell your story  or your own experience to feel reflected in it and that demonstrates something.
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