Web design research

Web design research

Web design research
Web design research in 3 basic services to create a web page are:

1. Domain Registration
Domain (or domain in English) is the name that you register online and reservations for your business. It is a unique name, and no one else in the world can register the same domain name. Compared with the registration of the business name in your city or town, is the equivalent of going to the agency in charge of registering the name for your business and prevent someone else in your city put a business with your own name. It is important to understand that the domain you register is also the name that you will position slowly on the web and that over time and with the popularity begins to take, search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) will give more importance and authority making it easier to find your website / blog over the websites of your competitors. It is for this reason we do not recommend free services nor be changing periodically domain name.

The domain also serves as the email address to find you on the Internet so a person from your computer with a browser and visit your site by checking the domain you register. For example, your visits the social network facebook www.facebook.com dialing domain or visits to google marking the domain www.google.com, or are visiting this site because you clicked on a link that goes to the www domain iamsogreat.com. To register your domain name for your business you can do with various vendors including Hostgator but before doing so I recommend you first begin the process of hiring the hosting service are following the steps in the video above to avoid confusion.

2. Hosting Service
The hosting service (or Hosting) is the space you're renting on the internet to store electronic files that make up your website (pages, text, images, videos, databases, etc.). When you hire the hosting service, so you're really paying for is the right to occupy a space within a server (computer or special computer) which is responsible for archiving your website and is also responsible for connecting to the website for that others, from their own computers, they can view the pages that make up your website.

Web design research basic
Most professional hosting service providers also offer other features or tools you'll need to improve your website and your digital marketing strategies. For example, you can create email accounts for your business using the domain you registered and so put aside the free services (hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc.) that can cause an unprofessional impression. With the hosting service you can create emails for you and members of your company ( eg yourname@company.com ) showing more professionalism and generating confidence.

The hosting service provider that I recommend is  Hostgator  has since been the service I have used for more than 4 years with very good results and the service is always recommend to my clients.
You can acquire the services of domain registration and hosting  Hostgator

3. Platform (software)
Since we have obtained the domain and will work space where our web site, now let's install a software that allows us to design, configure and manage the content we want and need to publish on the Internet. The software platform or  Content Management System (for its acronym in English CMS - Content Management System) is WordPress as it is easy to use and customize according to your business needs and target audience, millions of businesses use it around world and best of all, it's free and you can install with a few little clicks from the control panel hosting service HostGator, you can install your website or blog on wordpress in less than 10 minutes.
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