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Web site hosting

Web site hosting
Web site hosting and How to create a website for business step by step in hostgator

 1. Hosting Service Provider
How to create a website - hosting Visits  Hostgator  on the first page and you click on the big yellow button to review the hosting plans they offer. Hostgator  also offers more related to web hosting services and some of them are for experts in servers and programming. How this is not our case we just go for shared hosting services (hosting share) because it is cheaper and is the best choice to start. As we learn more, we need more storage space, better technology and have millions of visitors to our website / blog, let us understand that these other services is and then we will consider, for now let's start with the service hosting quick and easy. 

2. Select hosting plan that suits you
How to create a website - hosting hostgatorHostgator  will give you 3 choices of hosting service. The Hatchling plan is the most economical and can be a good option if you plan to host only one website / blog. If you're planning to have more than one website / blog for your business or businesses, I recommend the Baby plan or Business plan. The business plan has the advantage that you have as well as the Baby plan but also includes a security certificate and private IP and a free telephone line (in the US). Always my recommendation for business owners who are starting with their website, is the Baby hiring service plan for at least one year. If you are very bad budget you can select the plan Hatchling month (about US $ 8 per month) but definitely the Baby plan paid for one year saves you money in the long term and lends you a more complete service.  

3. Select the Domain Name
How to create a website - DomainThe first thing to do in the process is to write the domain name you want to register. At this point can take two situations: 1. The domain is already registered, which you will immediately notify the system, and if you use your creativity to select another domain name. 2. The domain is available for registar. If this is the case, it means that no one else in the world has registered the domain name which is very good news because you are you going to be able to register. 

Web site hosting
My recommendations for a good domain that is easy to remember (for you potential customers), which is as short as possible, including the name of your business or the service or product you offer and / or city or town you serve (if you have a business that you serve locally). Also think long term if your domain becomes well known and / or your business grow and expand. 

4. Create your account information Client
How to create a website - Create AccountThen you go to confirm (or change) the hosting plan that you are hiring and immediately you will create a username which is what you use to access the control panel of hosting where you will install free your website / blog . The user name requirements are: Must not contain capital letters, must begin with a letter, must be 2-8 characters long and must not contain any special character (& *% $) . Then you'll create a security PIN number that you will use in case you need technical support or retrieve information to access your account. This field must be 4-8 characters long and should contain only numbers. No need to create a password and that Hostgator will automatically create the password and will send you the email you use in the next step. 

5. Billing Information
How to create a website - billingIn this step, you'll fill your personal data related fields and billing information. Make sure you enter the data well so you wont have any problems completing the registration and contracting services. It is very important that you check you wrote well your email because it is where you will get the login information the customer area (where you can view your payment information and invoices) and information access control panel accommodation from where you can install your website / blog for free and where you can use the other services offers a professional hosting service . You can hire the hosting service using your debit card (bank) or your credit card. You also have the option of paying by PayPal if you already have an account or if you want to use the credit option PayPal (you will see the option at the time of payment). 

6. Additional Services (OPTIONAL)
How to create a web page - Optional additional servicesAfter filling out your personal details and your payment information,  Hostgator   will give you the option to add purchase additional services which are entirely optional. One of the additional services is the protection of privacy are going to register domain to prevent public databases where information of your domain appears, do not show your name, address, phone number and email to not receive messages (spam) to other service providers or adware. It is a single annual fee. Recommended if it is within your budget. If you do not select this service today, as you can hire later. 

Web site hosting
The other service is to protect "virus" and download acceleration of website / blog. Like the previous service, it is an annual collection and if you do not add to your purchase today, then you can apply with  Hostgator . The other service is generating and storing automatic backups. This service is very useful if you have a problem with your website / blog and need to recover all the contents and to start again. Also, I recommend it if it is within your budget and is an annual fee. Another service Search Engine Optimization (with its acronym in English SEO - Search Engine Optimization) you really can not recommend it because I have not had the need to use it as the best SEO (in my personal opinion) is to generate and publish valuable content and help for your potential customer. In any case, these services are optional and if not add to your purchase today, you can always hire them later using the control panel Hostgator hosting. 

7. Coupon / Discount. Hostgator discount coupon - How to create a website - In the field 5, Hostgator you ask for a discount coupon. Although  Hostgator  usually gives you a 20% discount, you can use the discount code: AHORRO25PORCIENTO for 25% on your total order. With this discount coupon for the service of Hostgator you are going to have a considerable saving on the purchase of today and also this voucher code allows me to track if you hired your hosting service using this tutorial and information on this page and thus Hostgator I get a small commission at no extra cost to you and will be a way to thank me for the effort I make free to publish this material. thus we are winning all. Please keep in mind that whenever you're free to browse and select the hosting service that suits you. I published and recommended in this page is based on my experience using these services.

8. Confirm and Pay. Once you complete the related domain hosting plan to hire, your personal data and billing information, discount coupon, you just have to review the total you will pay, details of the services that are going to hire fields the discount. At this point you should (read) select to confirm that you agree to this way big yellow button is activated so you can complete registration and buying a box of terms and conditions of service. You can always go back and review the hosting plans and recruitment time (point 4 of this tutorial) so you can manipulate the total to pay and make it fit your budget. Once you confirm your payment and there is no error information automatically redirect you to a confirmation page.  

9. confirmation e-mail and Data Access. Hostgator will send an email (you can take a few minutes) where you will find two important data: 1. The login to the customer area where you can review your personal information, Billing and future payments. 2- The access information Hosting Control Panel from which you install the software on your web site for free and you will find other services including hosting service. I recommend you keep well and secure the information in this message since you'll constantly need to have control of your services with Hostgator and control your website / blog. 

10-install-softwareWith the link to the information in the email is going to enter the hosting control panel. The link to the control panel usually contains something like this: https:. // *** Gator hostgator . com: *** (* symbol replaces some numbers). Simply click on that link (from the message) and the login information (username and password) you will enter the Control Panel where you are installing the software that will make it work your website / blog . For this you'll find a button that says "QuickInstall" which can be found under the "Software / Services" section. This button takes you to another page where you will find a list of software you have the option to install but keep in mind that not all software is to design websites. The WordPress software is recommended.

11 select-wordpressThe software you are going to search the list of options will be WordPress because it is the free software and more popular and easy to use in the world. WordPress is used by millions of businesses of all sizes as its solution for online presence the company and has a number of tools that allows its user to configure and design the website or blog of your business. 

Web site hosting
In addition, there are thousands of "small" software or plugins that can be installed within WordPress to provide more customization and used to provide specific functions for every need and type of business. Some of these plugins are free and others are paid. So the recommendation is to install WordPress within our hosting space selecting "WordPress" and then clicking on "Continue". 

12-install-wordpressSince you have followed the steps above, you get to this point where you are installing the software or platform where work your WordPress website / blog. You simply fill the form with the information you ask for installation. The first option is "where" you want to install the software. Obviously your main domain, but it can happen that you want to install WordPress again in a different directory or folder principal. The home directory is where the visitor arrives after dialing your domain and WordPress in a different directory can be used to have another website (support, training, etc.) which is reached when dialing the following primary domain symbol bar Side (/) and the directory name. But in this case, you will first install WordPress, you'll leave empty space (blank). Then be sure to write a good email because if you lose access information WordPress, you can order the recovery of this information to the email. The other data you can change (if necessary) after you install WordPress from the area of administration. For the user name (Admin User) do not recommend that you write "admin" as it is a very common user and is most often used by hackers to try to enter WordPress installations. Once you complete these data only you have to click "Install Now!" And within seconds, WordPress is installed on your hosting space and thereby your site / blog.  Click here to visit www.hostgator.com
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