3 curious recruitment criteria of employers in German

3 curious recruitment criteria of employers in German

3 curious recruitment criteria of employers
Normally, qualifications and experience are the key recruitment criteria. A number of candidates, however, have more than once wondered about setting criteria by which you never expected and have led to a rejection in the final analysis. The workers will increasingly come under scrutiny in the application process. What must not be a criterion for exclusion, however, refer to this article.

Although graphology - ie the evaluation of the handwriting of a candidate - is more controversial, so it has not prevented a number of airlines to apply this popular scientific method in their applicants - regardless of whether it was about a job as a pilot, air hostess or ground crew,

1. The height was a disincentive for hiring
While German transport companies the size of tram and bus drivers does not matter, candidates who have tried in Belgian transport companies for a job, depending on the desired vehicle is not greater than 188 and 190 cm. Whether there is a size limit down, so a minimum size for candidates, has not been preserved.

2. Many German discounter No former unemployed
There is a well-known German discounter who. In times when unemployment practically can affect anyone, still wants to hire any qualified candidates who were unemployed also a few days Without gapless proof of employment, the candidate, no matter how motivated and qualified he may be, there is no chance - even if this approach the company anmutet little practice.

Dispatchers of temporary work agencies reported in the past that very same discounter has rejected candidates, which also was present only one day of unemployment, without checking whether the person is not yet suited for a job there.

3. must be tendered for both sexes
Ever since times of the AGG sites for men and women must be advertised - unless specific reasons for the exclusive attitude of men or women. Mostly however, this is also explained in more detail in the job advertisement, why in one operation only men or women are employed.

In a drug counseling center that specializes in consumers, it makes little sense, for example, set a man as qualified as just a lot of drug-addicted women have had bad experiences with men.

Without any further explanation why only one or the other sex is adjusted, it is a breach of the AGG. In order to get any legal trouble with candidates of the less preferred sex, companies often send impersonal, little meaningful refusals to claim in case of emergency can, that the non-selection of any candidate had nothing to do with gender. Women in skilled trades are still considered just of childbearing age with a certain skepticism.
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