Does anyone use the P mode on your camera?

Does anyone use the P mode on your camera?

Does anyone use the P mode on your camera?

My intention is not to raise any dogmatic, just enter the realm of the practical and encouraging, incidentally, the debate. First of all, we set records recalling the "creative" ways of the cameras, which are usually what are called PASM (or PAvTvM), ie: P (Program) mode, A (or Av priority mode the opening), S (or TV, so the speed priority) and M (manual mode).

Detail each of them:
  • M, manual mode, in this mode the user sets all parameters: aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
  • A (Av) mode, aperture priority, aperture and ISO is set and the camera finds the appropriate shutter speed for proper exposure.
  • S (Tv) mode priority to speed, here the photographer chooses a shutter time and ISO and the camera sets an appropriate aperture to expose properly.

How does it work and what applications?
I've left behind intentionally or Program mode P, of which we speak. Basically, in this mode the camera choose shutter speed and aperture, but leaves the user (depending on the camera that you are using) control the ISO mode, light metering, white balance, output or flash. That is, it is designed as an automatic mode for the camera to give us the opening and exposure time to avoid poorly exposed photographs (overexposed or underexposed) are performed and which can be set only some things.

Typical / advantages this applications way could be:
  1. Casual photos in which we care we can adjust exposure without worrying about the main parameters such as shutter speed and aperture.
  2. For moments when you have to react fast and no time setting up the camera. Examples of these situations: children playing, the typical souvenir photo of a meeting, etc.
  3. It allows more time to focus on the composition, to frame better.

Of course, under these conditions we can also think that a compact could do the same or to let the camera decide starts and speeds, use automatic mode and there will be those who think that, in that case, would not buy us a SLR camera. So it's worth taking a place on the dial of our cameras for this button ? should not, for example, replace it to have any custom settings ? why most companies kept?

As you can deduce from the initial question, I have not used that option any time (at least consciously), I often use, especially mode aperture priority and manual mode. But maybe someone does use the P mode with more or less regularly. So, as the title of the article, anyone using the P mode on your camera?

NOTE: The Documentation for this article I discovered, to my surprise and embarrassment staff (ignorance) that the use of this mode is more common than I thought, even that is used by professionals. Never too late to keep learning.
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