Increase the range of your wireless network using repeater

Increase the range of your wireless network using repeater

Increase the range of your wireless network using repeater

Optimally, extends the wireless network at home to the last corner, or even in the garden. In reality this is often not the case. As a result, you come with laptop, mobile phone and Co. only poorly or not at all on the Internet. In this article you will learn how to help the wireless technology with a repeater on the jumps in order to optimize the wireless performance.

How increase the range of your wireless network?
A repeater extends the range of your wireless network for very little money. An area-wide WLAN coverage is in many electrical devices that are connected in a modern household with the Internet is indispensable. Do you want to work for example with the notebook in the garden or surf comfortably on the sofa on the Internet with the tablet PC, a stable network connection is required.

Likewise, technical equipment such as the flat screen TV or multiroom sound systems, Sonos, Bose and Co. want to be provided with a connection to the Internet. Is that in certain places in your house or apartment is not the case, you can help with a simple repeater.

This is how a repeater on a home network
If the router is not sufficient to supply all your apartment or your house to the Internet helps a repeater to extend the performance of the network. The small hardware is simply plugged in range of the network into an electrical outlet and so power. The repeater receives the signal of your router, thus extending the reach, by itself develop transmission power and mediated between connected devices and the router. Areas of your apartment or in the garden, which had not been provided with sufficient transmit power of the wireless network or completely unserved, can be so with little effort provide them with Internet.

Connect a router with a repeater
Most repeaters can be connected to the router using WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). In order to establish contact between the hardware components, first press and then on your router to the repeater a given in the User's Guide button. Then a connection is made via the security protocol. Ideally, the installation is now complete. If you want to delve deeper into the configuration, you must make the settings on your repeater via your browser. In this case, you can find out the IP address of the device and enter it into your browser to access the configuration interface.

Where should the repeaters are placed?
Bring the repeater at a position midway between the router and the device that is to be supplied with Internet. In any case, must at the place where you install the hardware still exist sufficient network connection. Detection can be the intensity of the WLAN coverage, for example, with a notebook or a smartphone, which indicates the power supply by bars. On the software side, you can also grab the Ekahau HeatMapper to represent the care of your property graphically.

Equipment manufacturers given to the router usually an SSID is the name of the wireless network, along the way. These preferences should however change in the configuration, so that hackers can not exploit weaknesses in the hardware. Pay attention, always make sure to assign different SSIDs to the router and the repeater. Just so you can make sure that you connect to the respective transmitting unit stronger.
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