Microsoft introduces its first laptop to fight Apple

Microsoft introduces its first laptop to fight Apple

Microsoft introduces its first laptop to fight Apple
Microsoft leads the new Windows 10 operating system pocket and beyond. And it does so by presenting a full range of own devices to give unity to the entire Windows ecosystem and attract the attention of a public that is torn between Google and Apple, to show that he can bring to something different market, as did Surface tablet hybrid. For it makes the Lumia phone to work as a computer and introduced its first portable computer, the Surface Book.

The venue for staging rotunda was the headquarters office in New York, one of the most iconic buildings in the city of skyscrapers, behind the Madison Square Garden. It could have been an excuse to announce that the application of Gmail users came to Windows 10, as there is available for Apple iOS. But the assault on the other hand duopoly arrived and was resounding.

A Lumia connected to a screen and a keyboard as a computer running
The first salvo rang with Project X-Ray for virtual reality goggles Hololens. The system turns any room in the house into a stage for video games, creating holograms that interact with real objects. The second rang with a new slightly wider electronic bracelet, with a design that best optimizes the screen, improving the integration of voice assistant Cortana and adds barometer elevation in real time while exercising.

In the mind of Satya Nadella, the devices are one piece in a complex strategy in which productivity is the central pillar of Microsoft. The Windows 10 is available for 10 weeks for download on PCs and tablets, with over 110 million copies installed worldwide. But the real rival in the market for mobile devices are the iOS and Android. An arena in which is virtually nonexistent.

PC Emulator
The background load came with the Lumia 950 and 950 phones XL. The idea is to reinvent the category of phones to make them more productive. The two models of 5.2 and 5.7 inches, and Octacore hexacore integrated processors, and two antennas to get the best possible connection. The rear camera has a resolution of 20 megs. The storage capacity is 32 gigabytes. It also keeps the port for SD memory card.

Full Microsoft, with laptop, its ecosystem of products for new generations adopt the Windows 10
This power uses it to get the new Lumia function as a personal computer. "We put soul into it," said Panos Panay in the presentation, "because we want the most productive devices on the planet". Thanks to an external port with six connectors, the Lumia achieved emulate a PC when connected to a screen and a keyboard. The experience with the phone because it works independently, not broken.

The leap in productivity is similar to that made with the Surface Pro tablet designed to replace the laptop. The fourth version is thinner, 8.4 mm thick. The display has a dimension of 12.3 inches without increasing the size of its predecessor and five million pixel resolution with 267 PPI. The Surface Pro 4 is 30% more powerful. "The Mac Book Air is a great product, but not the best," he said Panos, the big announcement was reserved for the final.

First notebook
Microsoft enters the war now in laptops with 13.7-inch device that claims to be the competence of the Mac Book Pro. It was a business that had been left for dead with the arrival of the tablets, but not for Microsoft. The Surface Book says Panos, is twice as fast as its rival Apple. The screen is touch, with six million pixel resolution and 267 PPI. It also supports the electronic pen tablet and keyboard can be disconnected.

The portable Surface Book comes with twice the power that rival Apple, the Mac Book Pro
Microsoft decided long ago by the tablets for professionals. It is a niche that Apple kept out until a month ago when it introduced the iPad Pro. The new Surface Pro and Surface Book, and the combination with the ubiquitous Windows operating system, gives in principle lead to counter the ambitions Cupertino signing with Pro iPad and South Korea's Samsung. Google also mimics the Pixel Miix700 C and Lenovo.

The problem for Microsoft is that new generations have special sensitivity to Apple and Mac are preferred by young computers. The Surface Book and seeks to find a way to reach that audience, to adopt Windows 10. Then I had to complete the ecosystem. Microsoft's laptop will be released next October 26 at a price of $ 1,499. It will do the same day as the Surface Pro 4, priced at $ 899. The Lumia 549 will be available and $ 649 respectively, while the bracelet is offered at $ 249.
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