Revell Quadcopter

Revell Quadcopter

Revell Quadcopter - Mini Drone quite large. Revell Quadrocopter Test comparison, from the toy forging Revell can purchase a Quadrocopter. The Revell Controll 23971 is not in vain in high demand thanks to an excellent price-performance ratio and an excellent beginner friendly performance. In comparison to the micro-drone quadricopter is scrutinized.

Revell quadricopter
Remote control, channels 4, 2.4 GHz
Replacement rotors
Revell Quadrocopter barely larger than a 2 euro piece

With a "size" of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 cm of Revell-quadricopter is the least in comparison drone. This does not mean that in anything he may have inferior other mini-drones to 50 euros - on the contrary! The small Quadrocopter is supplied ready to fly, that is you have him even unpack, switch on and take off. As a gift drone and entry-level model it is so admirably adapted and is easy in use.

Revell Quadcopter

Flight duration when Revell Quadrocopter about 5 minutes'
Good 5 minutes you can fly with the Revell-quadricopter, where as always also depends on the air how long you can be in the air until the battery runs out of breath. For the fun in between these mini-UAV is thus still in the frame, one would appreciate a little more flight time - because these tiny lends itself to just about to heat by apartment and garden.

Flight characteristics of Revell Quadrocopter average
Revell Quadrocopter flight characteristics of small Revell should be considered a matter of course for experienced skeptical drone pilots. For beginners, however, this Quadrocopter offers a decent flight feeling and a good and affordable entry into the world of drones. For about 30 euros you can not really expect more and is still surprised when Revell Quadrocopter: LEDS advises the pilot on the ground the flight by checking the front and rear and therefore provide a good guidance.

Revell 23971 Control - Mini Quadrocopter Nano, black
Price: EUR 27,89
4.2 of 5 stars (133 customer reviews)
57 used & new available from EUR 17.99
Conclusion for Revell Quadrocopter:
As a starter model and ideal gift

Thanks to the unbeatable price-performance ratio, these mini-UAV has become the absolute blockbuster. It offers itself as a gift, Leisure Building and beginners Quadrocopter and conveys basic knowledge about the world of model airplane. The Revell Quadrocopter is therefore recommended to 100%!
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