These 7 signs you see an education crisis at an early stage

These 7 signs you see an education crisis at an early stage

These 7 signs you see an education crisis at an early stage
Recognize education crisis. If a trainee is in a crisis, this is a challenging situation that can cost you as an instructor time and nerves. But it is at the same time to prove themselves in their chance as an instructor is to get through the crisis together with the trainee and to grow together as a team.

At these 7 signs you see an education crisis at an early stage and control contrast. Approximately every 4th training relationship ends by a training crash. While putting a part of the apprentices who have finished their education prematurely, her career in the dual system and continuing change only the profession or the operation. Some go to the education system but completely lost. And for you as responsible for training is a training abort anyway anything but pleasant. It, not even to let education crises that could lead to a termination pay and to combat this effect is all the more important.

How to recognize signs of crisis training
Changed the trainees for the worse, then you should approach the alarm bells with you. He shows the following evidence that had not previously seen with him, an education crisis may be imminent or have begun:

1. It is in contrast to the past to see any more motivation.
2. The trainee withdraws socially isolated and acts. This was formerly not the case.
3. Your trainees often seem to be mentally absent. Him employ things other than training.
4. You hear from a third party that a trainee has been critical and he has no desire for the training. While this does not have to agree, but may well reflect reality.
5. Sick days accumulate. In particular, short-term sick leave on the agenda.
6. Want to leave his professional performance at school left. In addition, there will be complaints from the vocational school.
7. The trainee makes the call of duty. He used to be quite engaged about his training duties beyond. This is now no longer the case.

If more of the aspects listed above, can be observed with one of your trainees, then you are to act as an instructor asked.

Take the following measures against the education crisis:

1. As often as possible try to talk. Negative changes are caused. Therefore you looking for the proximity to the trainees, talk more often than in the past with him - formally and informally. To have a good chance to get the reasons for his negative behavior change on the track.

2. Take the wishes seriously. If the trainee in an interview expressed wishes or - expressed negatively - receivables is, then that is not a transgression, but a vote of confidence. Are his desires, aimed at changing its conditions of training, implement, then you should take this seriously and consider a realization. When you reach a real change of training conditions for the better, then the condition of the crisis be terminated early.

3. They offer a perspective. An education crisis can be caused by that the current conditions of training for an individual trainee are negative. Maybe he feels very uncomfortable in a training department. Then show him perspectives on which attractive stations he will go through in training yet. In addition, you look together with him in the future. Where could he be in 5 years? What perspectives does him a training company? Motivate him by the fact that you convince him to have professionally placed on the right horse.
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