Windows 10 PC will receive a major upgrade in November

Windows 10 PC will receive a major upgrade in November

Windows 10 PC will receive a major upgrade in November
Microsoft is about to release a major upgrade to Windows 10 in just a few weeks. Microsoft is preparing for its next major update to Windows 10, called "Threshold 2", with Paul Thurrott segurando that updates will be published next month. We've been hearing about a major upgrade to Windows 10 this fall, which will be followed by changes "Redstone" in 2016.

Thurrott not specify an exact release date for the "Threshold 2", although Zac WinBeta Bowden said it would be around Monday, November 2. Whatever the exact date is, "Threshold 2" is about to leave.

The new update is a cumulative release, which means you can do it directly in Windows 10, even if they already have been a few updates. This development itself is called Windows 10 Update Fall said Thurrott, but when the update is in Setup will be called "Windows 10 November 2015."

The build number will be 1511 (year / month), which may confuse some, considering the current build number is 10240. At least we know that the amazing ability of Microsoft to give the same thing varied and confusing names , still intact

"Threshold 2" should include the new features of Windows derived Insider program are ready for prime time. That should mean items such as the new messaging application, improvements to Cortana and mobile integration to Windows 10. One thing that apparently will not be, however, is support for Edge browser extensions, is now expected in 2016.

Fall updating Windows 10 should also include the ability to enable Windows 10 to Windows product keys 7, 8 and 8.1.

Why this is important: Microsoft is delivering on its promise to deliver, regular timely updates to users of Windows 10. While it needs to be part of Windows Insider program for the features just go out, and three important updates for Windows 10 is expected in the next twelve months. That's not a bad thing for an operating system that has just three months old.
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