Wozniak: "Apple started in a garage. It's an invented story "

Wozniak: "Apple started in a garage. It's an invented story "

Wozniak: "Apple started in a garage. It's an invented story "
Apple co-founder has recommended today to business students who do not believe something "different artistically" but "again and solve one problem at a reasonable price". Steve is the other. It is the other founder of Apple. It is the sole creator of the first personal computer in history, or so it still maintains at 65. Steve Wozniak (Sunnyvale, California, 1950) is also the survivor prodigious duo created in 1976, which would end up being the largest company in the world.

Wozniak has had its beginning and has given advice to entrepreneurs and students in a lecture, held on the occasion of the presentation of the IMPACT Business School Business School, European University in Alcobendas (Madrid). Perhaps the age of his audience, was traced to when I was young. "During my youth, there was no way anyone had their own computer. Think like a house that cost," he explained to an audience delivered to each of the expressive gestures of American engineer. "Nobody around me except myself, did nothing about computers. There were no stores, no books, no classes were held. Only a huge computers that occupied entire rooms" graphically described.

[Steve Jobs] was the businessman. I wanted to make money "
"By chance, I read in a magazine that there was progress in the reports and other essential parts of a computer, and I started to design with a pencil and paper my first computer. Of course, that first took me years. It was my passion It is what he did instead of puzzles, "he exclaimed as he burst laughter from the audience.

Suit and black shirt, infused with irony, has narrated how he rejected his first computer when he offered to Hewlett Packard (HP), the company where he worked as an engineer: "At that time, HP believed above all in its scientific calculators, which cost $ 200. "

"I knew what was important was designing, but also wanted to do a project for other people." That Steve Jobs appears. "Luckily, I met Jobs. Steve Jobs from the beginning, not the one we know. We went to many concerts together ... She came to see what I was doing. He had no money, I had a job ...". In 1976 he decided to leave his job at HP and Apple founded with his friend, but his big moment as the inventor of computers had arrived in 1975. "I started to have memories dynamic RAM at reasonable prices. They had a lot of ability, 4k! "he joked.

There never was such a garage
Steve Wozniak has used his meeting with young people to dispel the myth that draws alongside another hairy Jobs created his company in a garage. "Never design new products in the garage. We do not design anything, not business. It's an invented story. Steve Jobs created his share of the business in your room. The garage was us, we had to use whatever possible to make money" he exclaimed, for once say funny: "I recognize that it is much better story of two kids in a garage".

When you find something you feel as if you'd fallen in love "
It has taken at this point a tone of director: "When you start without a dollar, you have to use what you have: your home, anything, anything, to save money."

Jobs for Wozniak was mostly "a great friend and business partner", but has clarified its role in the launch of Apple. "I wanted everyone could build your computer for $ 300, but Steve was not even that. What he wanted was to build a part of a computer for $ 20 and sell it for 30. He was the businessman. He wanted Do money". He has described himself at the time as "a person who built computers" and felt "very interested" in their environment. "In my club was a hero," he said with a humorous tone. People fantasized about the invention: "I wondered what would happen if each person had their own computer, if we could control our environment, communicate ..."

[For student] It was very independent, did not interact with others, but most people what they want is to be told what to do ". Apple I was the first personal computer to bear the name of the block. So it figures everywhere, but another myth falls in the conference according Wozniak, that was not a computer, but "rather the rehabilitation of something I had done before it was sort of IKEA computers. You were buying parts and had a lot of things enchufaban "he joked. He never produced on a large scale, but his memory today before his admirers has given rise to this succinct phrase: "When you find something you feel like you've fallen in love."

The first real computer, which won first sold to scale, would be his Apple II, "a real computer" -now Yes, that made the leap up to 48 k of RAM.

The origin of personal computers is colored green or white phosphorus, "including video game machines, which were a pure hardware design costing six months to measure". The Apple II was surprised, for its author and guru now because it included high-resolution graphics, color, sound and "simple programming language, the Basic, with which the user could write your first programs. The kids even wrote their games . Now that was a historic turning point. "

Wozniak, without any let nostalgia in her voice, has become to refer to Jobs and him as very similar friends "in many things, especially how to have fun. We share a lot until he got Apple II. It was what we earn money but once we had the personality of Jobs he changed. He spoke with everyone in the company and got into every detail. It was a mistake. I continued to occupy me of engineering, worked with modems ... ". The history of Silicon Valley has ruled on this point: "My personal ethics is higher than the business ethics But [Steve Jobs and I] are still friends.". Suffice it to say that he has pronounced sentence while laughing out loud,

The time when he developed the first Apple computers soon ended. "I could do all the design of a computer, but soon began an industry that employed for each large computer equipment had to relate to a lot of people and arrived . managers had to prepare reports of 40 pages to describe each of the components of a computer I said: 'I am an inventor and if you send me to a laboratory will obtain more about me' That was freedom. ". He left the company in 1985.

How you managed when I was one Steve Wozniak for your company, if I did not even have a degree? "
Computers from the beginning
Many of the questions to Wozniak from the public have pointed to education. "Computers are essential in schools and colleges," he noted, "but do not forget that many of the people who ripped large companies did not have higher education." In fact, he is an example. He did not return to college to graduate at Berkeley until he left Apple.

Abhors the way teaching technology institutes addressed: "It is said that what enhances your brain is the data, and technology -arreglar car looks, has become something example as vocational". Instead, "in college it is different. The first two years you are guided, but the third is you who chooses the direction. I bought all possible books to read at the weekend, before we speak of them in class. It was my passion. "

How was Wozniak student? "Most of my classmates sought the guidance of the teacher. I was not like that. She was very independent, did not interact with others, but most people will just want to be told what to do."

Steve Wozniak is dedicated today to give talks and to inspire new generations. You have not created any new device, but confesses that he stop using those within reach. "Using technology to almost everything." Fan of the third-party applications and collaborative economy, as related to them confesses: ". Uber, Airbnb ... all this was unthinkable before Facebook it is everywhere forever, but my only appear when you need them" he said.

Interventions one student asked her advice for a young entrepreneur. The term has made him wince, but has ventured to reply: "First, go as far as you can with the money you have and test well your product before seeking financing; second, try to close a person to help you to solve technical problems, but I know this is a matter of luck; and third, you'd better do a good marketing. "

He has not missed, finally, who has asked for attracting talent to businesses. "Well imagine the talent I had when I started How you managed when I was one Steve Wozniak for your company, if not was not even a degree? "he said in reply.
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