Moss in the lawn: 5 effective ways to control

Moss in the lawn: 5 effective ways to control

Moss in the lawn: 5 effective ways to control
When the beautiful English lawn into a moss landscape, many garden owners are at a loss. The causes can be diverse, ranging from nutrient deficiencies to waterlogging. Moss in the lawn: 5 effective agents for controlling. But with a few simple tips, it is possible to transform the green oasis back into a neat and visually appealing paradise.

1. The most important measure against moss in the lawn: scarify
First of all, you must remove the existing moss from the ground. If this task previously done with difficulty with the rake, you numerous aerating equipment are available today, which can be operated without great muscle strength. Important: Before scarifying you must mow the lawn once as short as possible. Then, you run the scarifier first lengthwise and then in transverse tracks across the lawn. The soil should be about one to two millimeters scratched, good Scarifier can be adjusted accordingly.

2. Specific killers help against Moss in the lawn
Commercially, you get a variety of moss destruction, which dies and the stubborn moss after a few days. The best way to bring the resources together with a good fertilizer for the lawn. Caution is advised when Moss shredders with ferrous sulfate. Although they are effective, but can acidify the lawn, which in turn have the opposite effect and can promote the growth of moss at too generous application.

Moss Killers with quinoclamine or acetic acid, however, are harmless. Important: Moss Killers with ferrous sulfate and quinoclamine should ideally be applied in wet weather, when agents with acetic acid the soil, however, must be dry.

3. Loosen your floor on
A compacted or clayey soil sooner or later leads to waterlogging. Such an environment provides the moss in the lawn perfect conditions, so there needs to be remedied. After the annual scarifying You should therefore apply a decent layer of sand on the lawn.

You must be quiet for two to three centimeters high, so you just see the tips of the grass blades. Who newly invests his lawn, works as a prevention best equal to a larger quantity of sand in the soil. This also prevents the formation of moss in lawns

4. Wood ash, the less expensive alternative to moss in the lawn
Anyone who owns a fireplace at home, should collect the resulting wood ashes quietly and apply now and then on the lawn or on the moss-infested locations. They cut off the ground required for the moss growth and nutrients can neutralize an acidic ground. However, be careful to use only absolutely clean wood ash. Take in your fireplace for example, paper with color printer, this ash is unlikely to reach the grass. Otherwise harmful substances would penetrate the soil, which adversely affected the health of the grasses.

5. Problem point shade grass: what you can do here against Moss
A very shady situation encourages the growth of moss in lawns. Select therefore always a suitable grass type and not Mow the lawn in shady areas too short. A length from 5.0 to 6.0 centimeters should not be undercut, if possible, so that the grass can capture still enough light even in darker locations. Also, make sure to water the lawn in the summer sufficient even if the sun does not reach the affected areas.

Adequate hydration promotes the health of the lawn, so that it can achieve results in competition with the moss and is more resistant. Attention: Under trees such as horse chestnut or houses generally grows no grass. Do you want to prevent the growth of moss here, you should plant robust groundcover.
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