Benefit Child Supplement: The 6 key of facts

Benefit Child Supplement: The 6 key of facts

Benefit Child Supplement: The 6 key of facts
The child benefit supplement or children's allowance is a social benefit in Germany, which will be paid both single parents and couples. You should include a financial shortfall, if the income of the parent families not sufficiently available, or is estimated only slightly. Read the key facts about the child benefit supplement. The following facts give closer insight as to what is the child benefit supplement, how to get this and what factors must be considered.

1. The auction is determined quantified, but can be shortened
The Child Benefit Supplement has a fixed amount of 140 euros per month (as of December 2015). As will be fully credited among other assets and income of the child on that amount, it can be shortened. Cuts will consummated graduations each in seven Euro. In practice, a simple application applies: is the amount to be billed over rose by 10 euros, the contract will be reduced by 7 EUR. It is already clear that the child support contract will be raised from the 01.07.2016 to a maximum of 20 euros. The previous limit of 140 Euro thus is then 160 Euros.

2. The contract is always only a temporary power
In the child benefit supplement is not about an ongoing, permanent or long prepared solution. Always the surcharge in its duration is limited to 36 months. Once this limit is reached, the right to the supplement expires fixed price. Unlike the child allowance, which is paid permanently over several years, the surcharge is therefore not a permanent transfer.

3. Other possible transfers
A claim and obtaining the award not cling automatically from other transfer payments. Thus, recipients of the award, for example, be used even financing services covering among other one-day school trips, personalized school supplies, adequate learning subsidies or joint lunch meals. A detailed list of services to be combined is available at the Federal Employment Agency. In general, make all social and promotional services, within an appropriate framework, agreed with the surcharge. These services must always be sought from the local authority. These are also suitable forms and applications.

4. Where will the surcharge applied?
The surcharge can apply only in the Federal Employment Agency or directly at the family budget. Both institutions are also responsible for the processing of applications. The Family Fund is ultimately who decides on the amount of the disbursed amount. For civil servants identical provisions apply. These apply for child benefit supplement in one of the two institutions. Once a result is obtained, a written decision will be issued. How long does the processing to complete, can differ depending on regional utilization. However, it is to be expected for several weeks.

5. Conditions to be met for the contract
Thus, the contract will be actually granted and paid, some requirements must be met by both the child and the parents. So the child (the recipients) must necessarily be old and also receive child benefit under 25 years. The child must not be married and must live with their parents.

The income and assets may not exceed the fixed, current limits, at the same time must meet the minimum limits the available monthly income of the parents. The necessary requirement must also be met by the child benefit supplement, because not let unemployment benefits and social assistance combined with the surcharge.

6. The minimum limits
The minimum limits in order to meet the demand, amount of parents 900 Euros and 600 Euros for a single parent. The available monthly monetary needs these two Directives achieve so, otherwise the contract will not be awarded.
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